Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquake! Wakes me up early!

Click the title link for an interesting news story on the earthquake.

I sat up in bed as soon as the shaking started. I was groggy and confused, but knew I wasn't dreaming. My bed was shaking! I immediately thought of the movie "The Exorcist." I had done a lot of praying lately and strange events have been going on in my house lately--like doors opening by themselves. I'm thinking, I don't feel possessed, so what is going on?

Not only was the bed shaking, but my ceiling was rattling and I could feel all four walls vibrating and even the floor. I thought I heard a loud thunder. What seemed like several minutes was actually less than a minute. There is a vacant bedroom above mine, and I thought for a minute that someone was up there and moving the antique bed around. I also wondered if raccoons or some creatures were in the basement. I felt a little frightened not knowing what had just happened and couldn't easily fall back to sleep after that.

I love "Morning Joe" and turned it on and there it was "Breaking News Earthquake hits Illinois..." Wow, of course it was an earthquake. Growing up in southern Illinois, I was very much aware of earthquakes. I lived near the New Madrid fault and remember one day, when I was six years old that we had a big earthquake. I remember dishes falling and stuff like that and how scary it was to me.

In 1994 while living in Las Vegas, I was getting ready for work and felt the earthquake that hit Los Angeles. That one was really early too and on the tv news right away. I sure dreaded going to work at the Las Vegas Hilton that day. People working said they felt the building sway, and I remember thinking "oh great, here I am in the bottom of one of the city's tallest and oldest buildings. Would there be aftershocks? I couldn't wait to get out of that building. I hadn't thought much about earthquakes since then. I just hope I am not in St.Louis, when the big one hits!

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