Monday, January 10, 2011

John abuzz is now iPhone and Android friendly.

Now if you would like to view this blog on your smartphone, it will automatically re-format to a mobile view. You can even comment from your mobile device.

If you use (blogspot), then I hope you will also activate this feature at:

The mobile view only works for weblog based browsers (ex. mobile Safari and mobile Chrome), so if you are using a Windows Phone 7 device or even Opera mini, it won't work.

Please let me know if your blog is set up for mobile view and I will bookmark it, and read it and comment more often!

The blogger dashboard has no mobile view. It will be easier and faster for me to just go to the bookmark, when accessing blogs from my mobile device.

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Cubby said...


John said...

Thanks, Cubby. I expected the first comment to say something like, " well you better start having more content then!". btw your Wordpress blog has GREAT mobile view--absolutely amazing!

Kyle said...

I'm glad you brought this up John, didn't really know they were trying. The mobile view looks good on my iPod Touch. I've enabled for Out Left, so it should be easier for you to read/see.

John said...

@Kyle, thank you for adding the mobile view to your blog and for letting me know! It looks great and I, for one will be reading it a lot more often now and also leaving comments. Keep up the great work!

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