Monday, June 27, 2011

Blagojevich guilty on 17 counts

Breaking News: 
Former Illinois Governor guilty of trying to sell U.S. Senate seat previously held by President Obama. 
The ex-governor will be going to prison.

Read all about it at the link below to the Chicago Tribune!

Blagojevich guilty on 17 counts

Not surprising. Justice has been served!
~ John

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Cubby said...

In prison, Blago will have that dumb smirk wiped off of his face in about 2 minutes flat. It will go downhill from there.

John said...

@Cubby, I hope you're right. He tried to make such a celebrity out of himself during the last year, which makes me wonder if he will be well liked in prison. I think he can be charming, if you can get past the arrogance!

Jim said...


U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald got the big fish from Illinois on a second chance, however, he got intimidated by the Bush-Cheney regime and would not (and still will not) go after Rove, Rumsfeld, etc. for the Bush & Cheney regime war crimes committed from 2001-2008.
So I am not celebrating any of this. Illinois' history of crooked governors (Walker, Ryan,and now Blago) shows how far our state and our country for that has fallen politically.
It's a sick, sad joke what is happening to this country of ours.
And one more thing... Blago sucks!

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