Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Obama's controversial contributor goes to jail

...and Obama continues to give more of the "Rezko affiliated contributions" to charity. Good luck on that one Senator, since the money goes back at least fifteen years. So the Obamas have this mansion on the "south side of Chicago." Wouldn't that seem a bit out of place for a mansion? Oh, but this one has a huge gate around it. The mansion still seems out of place for the south side of Chicago. It's no secret that the south side of Chicago is home to many drug dealers and much crime. Ask anyone from "downstate Illinois" to describe the south side of Chicago, and they will not paint a pretty picture, I'm sure.

A lot of people outside of Illinois don't know the troubling part of the story about the house deal. Obama said he could not afford both the house and the lot so the Rezkos bought the lot to help him out. Strangely the house went for $300,000 UNDER the asking price, while the Rezkos paid FULL PRICE for the lot. In addition, Obama paid to have a fence designed, but Rezko paid for it, putting it on the property line. Accoring to NBC the lot is now completely fenced in with the only entrance being from the Obama property. Obama maintains the lot, or did until Rezko got indicted and sold it. It sure looks like Rezko made sure Obama got a sweetheart deal. It is hard to understand why the lot but not the house went for full price without some kind of arrangement with the buyer. Also, this all took place after there had been a lot of publicity about the fact that Rezko was under investigation for corruption. This seems somewhat questionable.

If you aren't familiar with the REZKO/OBAMA connection, please take a moment to click the title link and read the full Associated Press article.

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