Saturday, November 15, 2008

Illinois owes $4 billion in unpaid bills!

Red shows the population centers, so somebody please explain why in the heck we need 102 counties in this state!? It's time to get serious and consolidate some of these tiny counties and save some money. And did I mention revoking the tax exempt status of all churches?!

I see so much waste in Illinois government. Illinois government is corrupt from the top on down. My own niece (unqualified-no clerical experience--was a CNA then a store clerk) brags that she does not have anything to do in her state job at the COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE, so guess how she spends most of her day?! Surfing the internet and playing computer games!

So how did she get a job with the state? In Springfield, it's common knowledge that you can't hardly get a state job without "politcal pull." Her grandpa (my sister's father-in-law) was a high ranking politician in one of our 102 counties. He also "assisted" my sister and many other of his relatives and friends state jobs. So just imagine that political corruption times 102 counties! Don't even get me started! It's time for CHANGE in Illinois!

Our last governor GEORGE RYAN is in PRISON, and many people think our current governor is not far behind. Something's got to be done!

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