Saturday, November 15, 2008

Should Mormon church lose it's tax exempt status?

From the official message board of the Washington Redskins..."Should the Mormon LDS Church lose its tax exempt status?" And the response from "Football Henry:"

"I bring this question to light because it is now known that the LDS Church funded over 20 million dollars to get Prop 8 passed this past election in California. Now it is to my understanding that churches are NOT supposed to be involved in political matters and this would constitute a breach of that rule. Therefore, quite simply shouldn't the LDS church lose its tax exempt status since it has directly injected itself into state issues??

In my estimation there is no question that they should. What's more though is I think it is sad that so much energy, and money is put towards a divisive agenda when it could go for much more humane, ethical causes."

Personally, I agree with "Evil Genius": All churches should. Unless you favor giving businesses the same exempt status.

Perhaps this is one solution for our BROKE government. Make churches pay taxes!

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