Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Over!

Finally, I got my income taxes done! I told myself that I would not be blogging until I got that done. If you know me, then you know I am a procrastinator! I do my own taxes, and this year was a real bear. Ugh, I don't even want to go in to the details, but it was a stressful little mini-nightmare LOL! I am so used to not blogging now that I probably won't be blogging as much now! I will do what I can, but I must admit I spend a lot of time on Facebook and I share news links there, much like I have done here on the blog. I don't want to have a lot of duplicate content, you know?

So many things are THE SAME too year to year. For example, last year I did some blog posts for St. Patrick's Day, Earth Day, etc. It's the same ole, same ole, and that makes it hard to come up with something new and interesting. And my life is pretty much the same too--boring! Yes, it's Spring and there will be so much beauty on the farm in the next few months. But most of it will be the same as last year! I am running out of original content! I guess I am also getting a little burnt out and need a little break every now and then.

And I am not a writer. Every time I do write some original content, it seems like I get very few comments or argumentative comments. I welcome all comments though and won't censor too many of them (unless they are purposely insulting to me or somebody I care about--and that includes other bloggers).

There are a few interesting things coming up and a few things different on the farm this year. I may or may not share them on the blog--it just depends. It's like my shared news and current events. If it is timely and I can get it published quickly, then I will share it on my blog. I don't want to say I won't be blogging as much as I used to, because you never know.

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Cubby said...

But I like arguing with you!

Kyle said...

John, I'm happy most of the time that things are more of the same here. Just enjoy blogging when you can. Don't feel like there is an obligation, that's awful. Enjoy spring! Not much going on here yet in NH(other than flooding), too far north for spring to have sprung.

Anonymous said...

How did we ever get to a point where (in the UK) the tax code stretches to over 6,000 pages?

That the Inland Revenue should have such power over us, and tax our wealth and time is outrageous!

Well done for getting the job done. You're 'free' for another year. ;)

Anonymous said...

PS: Do join the worldwide tax strike!

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