Friday, June 3, 2011

Too funny not to share!

Watch "Grandma Got a Facebook (in case you missed it)!

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kenju said...

Really funny - and my grandkids will love it.

SteveA said...

Too funny!

Jo said...

Omigawd, John, I LOVE this...!

Allen said...

You know john I watched that to. I watch =3 all the time. I love new shows and he is cute to. All of Music is great.

John said...

Thank goodness no "Grandmas" were offended by this! I wondered about that after posting the video, since I am a Grandpa. But I have a sense of humor and I'm glad my readers do too!

@kenju, I'm sure the grandkids will love it! I hope they don't start singing it.

@SteveA, Welcome! Glad you liked it.

@Jo, I just knew you would love it!

@Allen, I watched it several times myself and I agree the music/song is great!

Griya Mobil Kita said...

Very nice, thanks. rental mobil elf

Kyle said...

Everyone seems to forget that the body ages, but the mind and soul inside stay much the same over our life. Very cute John.:)

John said...

@Kyle, That is so true!

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