Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Joe the Plumber making the rounds in Illinois

He is Joe the Plumber and was actually in my little town tonight. We don't see a whole lot of celebrities in these parts. If you're lucky, Joe will be in your town next! According to various sources, "Joe will have drink and hors devours - everyone will get a chance to speak personally with Joe and learn about his life since meeting President Barack Obama."

For only $50 you too could have been at his little shindig! Joe was at nearby Pittfield last night, and will be in Springfield tomorrow night speaking at Take Back Illinois 912 meetings. After that, I don't know where he will be (and I don't care).

According to their official website for Take Back Illinois 912, it is "an organization for conservative minded individuals that are worried about the direction and..." (blahblahblah). That quote came from a badge on their site that you can get and put on your site and it really does end with the dot dot dot. I have no idea what really goes after the dot dot dot.

It is such a comprehensive website with a very long and rather confusing mission statement and "The Plan," by Glenn Beck. I suppose it gives the conservatives around here something to do. I hope they keep Mama Grizzly Palin as their most polarizing candidate in the next presidential election!

I saw no newspaper advertisement, but this flyer was circulated all over town--too funny! It doesn't say the cost for this once in a lifetime event, but the local website, shows the cost for the event at $50.00 per person. That site has been updated already and shows that ten people attended! WooHoo!

And Joe, wasn't your fifteen minutes of fame over in 2008?

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Bob said...

Seriously, his time should have been up in '08......'09 at the latest.
I wouldn't pay fifty bucks to have him snake my drain.

Maria said...

hi John,
This is my check to see if my comment now come through to you. As to Joe, the Plumber. . . what a load of crap. I can't imagine paying 50.00 dollars to see him. Heck, I would rather pay my plumber fifty dollars to fix my leaky faucet.
Hope this one goes through okay. Fingers crossed!

John said...

@Bob, LOL, I know! You could get decent seats at a concert for $50! Joe sure is milking his "fame." LOL Of course, he has a book to sell too.
Thanks for stopping by!

thank you for your comment! It's great to hear from you! Your comment came through fine! I just think it is laughable that any group would have Joe the Plumber as it's guest speaker. And of course, I think the $50 is way too high a price to pay. When I googled him, one site came up for another Joe the Plumber--a real plumber!

kenju said...

HIs 15 minutes was up 15 minutes after he first appeared on TV.

Jim said...

Joe the plumber... need I say more?
McCain & Palin '08... need I say more?

John said...

Well I am glad to read these comments and know I'm not alone in thinking what I do about Joe the Plumber. However, after reading the local newspapers' article on the meeting, I think even LESS of Joe. What an arrogant, homophobic, politiphobic (is that a word--LOL) JERK he truly is and so much more. And nothing about him is good.

And while Joe was there bashing ALL of congress, there sits Congressman Aaron Schock in the audience just taking it. Aaron should change his name to SHOCK, because he is constantly shocking us!

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