Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sarah Palin rolls her eyes at a teacher

I don't know about you, but I think teachers deserve a lot more respect than this.

I saw this on the early morning news and would like to share it with those of you that missed it. I'm sure it is VIRAL on the Internet by now though! Watch daughter Bristol, thirty seconds in to it put her two cents worth in and say "she represents the United States!" Uhm...no you don't! There is a hilarious version of this video on YouTube, but embedding is disabled on it. If you have time search for the other one, as it has captions and shows her rolling her eyes and head a lot and shows her asking over and over "What do you do?" And the lady tells her, "I'm a teacher." And it all happened during the filming of Palin's reality show! I'm sure it won't be on that though. Pathetic!

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Bob said...

This woman's level of ignorance sinks to a new low with each passing day.
So, go on Mama Grizzly Bore, run for office and see how many teachers vote for you.

Jim said...

Hey John... saw this video the other day and ran with it like you did.
That is really something the way this woman (Palin) continues to think she is still campaigning like it's 2008.
People are sick and tired of her and her whiny, shrill voice... don't you agree?

Michael Rivers said...

I can't stand her. Who do I have to sleep with to get her to go away forever?

Mean Mama said...

HAaaaaaaHHHHAAAaaaa....I think she rolled her eyes at all of her teachers except for the beauty pageant ones. Sarah Palin represents Sara Palin not the US. Thanks for sharing John.

Jo said...

Oh, goodness, she is a piece of work, isn't she? Why is she still in the news? Hasn't she had her 15 minutes of fame? Please make her go away...! And anyone related to her as well. :-)

John said...

Thank you all for the GREAT comments! I really appreciate hearing what YOU think.

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