Monday, August 9, 2010

With Time, One Learns

With Time, One Learns...

After some time, one learns the subtle difference between holding hands and enter-twining souls,
And one learns that love doesn't mean laying together,
And that company doesn't mean safety,

And one begins to learn...
That kisses are not contracts and gifts are not promises,
And one begins to accept his failures with head held high,
And with open eyes, one learns to lay out his paths today,
Because the terrain of tomorrow is too unsure for plans...
And the future has a way of falling apart.
And after some time, one learns that if it is too much, even the heat of the sun will burn.
So one plants his own garden and adorns his own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring him flowers.
And one learns that he really can endure, that he really is strong, that he really is worth something,

And one learns and learns... and with each day, brings more lessons.
With time, you learn that being with someone because they offer you a good future means that sooner or later, you will long to return to your past.
With time, you understand that, only a person who is capable of loving you with all your defects, without trying to change you, loves you un-conditionally.
With time, you realize that if you are at the side of that person just to accompany your loneliness, you will inevitably end up alone.
With time, you understand that true friends are numbered, and that he who does not fight for them sooner or later will see himself surrounded only by false friendships.
With time, you learn that words said in a moment of rage can continue to hurt the one you wounded, for an entire lifetime.
With time, you learn that anyone can apologize, but only those with great souls are able to forgive.
With time, you learn that if you have hurt a friend badly, the friendship will likely never be the same again.
With time, you realize that although you are happy with your friends, some day you will cry for those that you let go.

With time, you realize that every experience with every person is unrepeatable.
With time, you realize that he who humiliates or degrades a human being sooner or later will suffer the same humiliation or degradation four-fold.
With time, you understand that hurrying things or forcing them to happen will result in them not turning out how you hoped.
With time, you realize that in reality, the best thing was not the future, but the moment you were living right at that instant.
With time, you will see that although you are happy with those by your side, you will grieve for those who were with you yesterday but have now left.
With time, you will learn that trying to forgive someone or ask forgiveness from someone, saying you love someone, saying you miss someone, saying you need someone, saying you want someone standing before their grave, is too late and no longer makes sense.

But unfortunately, only with time... One Learns.

--author unknown

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kenju said...

Excellent - whomever wrote it!

Cubby said...

Nice. Thanks John.

lavonne said...

Wonderful poem!!

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