Monday, October 18, 2010

Jacksonville City Council member hoping for civil unions in Illinois

Jacksonville's gay alderman is cautiously optimistic about the possibility of civil unions in Illinois by year’s end... (click the shared link for full story).

This is a local news story, but of interest to many Illinois citizens. Will candidate Quinn say anything to get elected? It wouldn't be the first time that we have been deceived by a candidate for high office.

For example, Obama swore an oath before God that he would DEFEND the Constitution. He has called DADT unconstitutional, yet he defends it. That's just one example (don't even get me started).

~ John

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Jo said...

John, move to Canada. We have had legalized gay marriage for a decade. And we have great health care -- free. AND we're nice.

John said...

@Jo, Canada sounds great and I even have a high school friend in Kelowna, who would LOVE it if I moved! She always wants me to visit! I doubt a move to Canada would ever happen, but I don't rule anything out!

Also, I don't know that I would ever get married, but I would like to live in a country where gay marriage is an equal right!

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