Thursday, October 7, 2010

John abuzz blog may be down a few days I attempt to switch to a new domain name (minus the blogspot). During the switchover, if you try to access this blog, it may result in a DNS error message.

The process can take up to four days (wish me luck). I had a local "so-called" self-employed computer tech tell me it could not be done, but I think I have learned how to do it on my own. We shall see. After the switch over, I will ask you to start using the new domain name.

Hopefully I will do this in the next day or two. If it works, I will SURELY make more blog posts! Please forgive me for not being as engaged in blogging lately.

I would love to hear what you like about the blog and what you don't, and any suggestions you may have. One thing I already know, is that I will leave all politics off this blog in the future and devote another blog just to that topic.

Thank you to my readers...all twelve of you (just kidding!--I hope)!

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kenju said...

What I like is when you post!! Lately, there have been few of those....LOL

Good luck with the switch and please let me know the new domain name.

Cubby said...

I got my fingers crossed.

Jim said...

Hey John, keep blogging. It seems more and more are not doing so much blogging any more. The blogs I follow regularly are listed on my own blog page, but like I said not too many people (for reasons known only to them and that's as it should be) are no longer out there voicing opinions, sharing humorous stories and observations, etc.
I look forward to reading (viewing in some posts) more of your work in the future.
Have a great day!

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