Monday, October 18, 2010

Update on John abuzz blog domain

I just wanted to let everyone know that I still have not had a chance to switch over to my new domain name. I had planned to do it over the long Columbus Day weekend, but too many things came up. At this point I am still planning to make the switch (which involves a lot more than simply forwarding to the new domain name). It will occur sometime soon and probably over a weekend. If you try to access the blog and get a DNS error, then you will know the conversion is in process. Thank you for your patience!

~ John

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kenju said...

I'll be there when you are.

John said...

@Kenju, thanks! I really appreciate it that! Back in April I had printed out all these blogger instructions and also my domain provider's instructions. Now that I have all that in one place, I must go back and make sure it is still the same before I proceed.

lavonne said...

Hi! I hate to see your leaving blogger. I'm gonna miss you, a lot!! I've really appreciated your kind words John and your support. I hope i'm as good a friend to you as you are/have been to me. Why are you leaving anyway? and when? I will definitely keep following you. So let me know when you get there I'll be there too. later!! :-)

John said...

@lavonne, Hi! I'll still be using blogger and my blogspot name will STILL work just as you have it now. After I get all the technical work done, I will just ask for people to use the new shortened domain name.

And YES of course I consider you a great friend and appreciate your kind words so often! Thank you so much!

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