Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Elvis

Wow, Elvis would have been 75 today! Since it's his birthday, I thought I would share a couple of my photos of his birth place in Tupelo, Mississippi. There are plenty of better photos than mine of the birth place all over the Internet. Keep in mind that mine are thirty years old! So much has changed there since my visit in February of 1980. It does not look anything like this anymore. Now it is beautifully landscaped and has a museum, gift shop, etc. and of course a website--where you can find out everything about it and even take a virtual tour of how it looks today.

I graduated high school not far from this town. Our Vocational-Tech FBLA club officers had attended a district meeting near Tupelo and stopped to visit Elvis's birth place on the way back home. I only lived in Mississippi a year, and I talked the instructor in to stopping for the tour. Everyone else had already been there, but they were happy to show it off to me. So here's how it looked back then.

This is the front entrance as seen from the street back then. As you can see, there was nothing fancy about this little house! That's three of my friends on the porch, and I took the photo.

Here's a group photo of us (the Vocational-Tech school's FBLA officers) gathered around the sign. Yes, that is me on the left with my white belt on! We had a great time that day!

And here's one of my favorite Elvis songs (An American Trilogy) complete with slide show and also an extra song! Elvis has so many great songs. This is just two of them.

And of course some news from today:

Hundreds of Elvis Presley fans braved frigid, snowy weather to celebrate the late rock'n'roll legend's 75th birthday on Friday at his Graceland shrine in Memphis...
Elvis Presley Feted in Memphis on 75th Birthday - ABC News

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kenju said...

I keep wondering what he would have looked like at this stage of life, had he lived.

Mary Ellen said...

Hang onto that white belt, you never know when it will be back in style again. I wish you were wearing blue suede shoes, though. ;-)

Jo said...

Oh, gosh, that was a nice video. My favorite Elvis song is "You were always on my mind." I just love the way he sang that, with such feeling.

How is it possible that Elvis would be 75? Goodness! On February 8th James Dean would have been turning 79, and on June 1st Marilyn Monroe would have been turning 84. Hard to believe!

Allen said...

Thats a cool picture of you at his birthplace.

I did not realize that is birth day was 2 days before mine. wow

learning something new every day.

Maria said...

My son had a belt just like that plus some platform shoes.

Since Elvis is only a few years older than me, if he were alive today, he probably would have arthritis in those swiveling hips, a bit of a tummy, and a sagging behind. Such is life.

Glad you are back blogging!

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