Thursday, January 28, 2010

R.I.P. Ugly Betty

ABC cancels 'Ugly Betty' -

The news ain't pretty. Sadly, ABC confirms that "Ugly Betty" is canceled...
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I hate it, when one of my favorite shows gets cancelled. I will sure miss you, Betty, and of course your wacky family and your friends at Mode. I hope to see a lot of the talented cast in some upcoming new shows!

~ John

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Larry Ohio said...

I loved Ugly Betty. I never understood why they moved it to Friday. Wasn't it one of their most popular shows? It's like some network exec had a grudge against it and purposely tried to kill it, and succeeded. I thought only NBC did stupid stuff like that.

kenju said...

I loved that show, too, and I hate that it's canceled!

ReRe said...

i just never was able to get into that show. which was weird b/c how can you go wrong with Vanessa Williams and America!? but i just didn't dig it

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