Friday, January 1, 2010

New Illinois laws for 2010

New Illinois laws for 2010 include no texting while driving -

Nearly 300 new laws taking effect with the new year, ranging from ethics reforms in the wake of ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich's ouster to how credit card companies can market on college campuses...

"A state law that takes effect today also bans checking e-mail, updating Facebook and Web surfing while driving, though using your phone's GPS is still OK."

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WHAT? Why is using your little phone's GPS still OK? Oh, and here's a doozy: A related new law makes it illegal for drivers to use cell phones in school or construction zones, unless they are are the hands-free variety. (State Journal-Register)

Wouldn't it have been better to just completely ban the use of cell phones while driving? What do you think?

~ John

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Jim said...

Just like the other post you have John, the Illinois laws going into effect in 2010 are some good ones and of course, they found a way to raise the price of license plates renewal fees.
Happy New Year from the "Land of Lincoln."

John said...

@Jim, don't even get me started about the new license plate fees! I read that it is a 200% price increase! Remember when Ryan raised it to $78 to pay for all his "Illinois First (roads, etc)" projects!? I suppose we have to all pay more for stupid things like touch screen written tests! I got to use one last year and it did not speed things up for anyone! You know that system cost a lot of money and probably eliminated some jobs!

I will be so glad, when Secretary of State Jesse White is out of office. I blame him for this big increase for license plates to $99. If he runs again, I will not vote for him.

See what I mean...don't even get me started! Too late! LOL

Kyle said...

John I agree. The loopholes they have left open are only going to cause legal problems. An out right ban while driving, would be much more effective.

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