Friday, January 1, 2010

New ways to become a criminal in 2010

New ways to become a criminal in 2010 (

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Laws Going Into Effect This New Year Cover Smoking, Texting While Driving, Trans Fats and Tanning Beds for Teens!

Check this one out: California becomes the first state to ban restaurants, bakeries and other retail food establishments from using oil, margarine and shortening containing trans fats. The law affects oil, shortening and margarine used in spreads or for frying.

Must read link for the entire news article.

Happy New Year!
How do you like the government all up in your business?!
~ John

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Jim said...

Don't text and drive!
There is nothing more idiotic than that action as it can and has caused many serious auto accidents.
The state also snuck in a higher fee for license plates renewal in the Land of Lincoln... it's now $99 plus fees, up from the old fee of $79.
It seems like everything goes up EXCEPT wages for the people.

kenju said...

The trans fat law is a good one, and one I'd like to see enacted here. It causes all sorts of problems for people and creates higher medical costs, etc.

John said...

@Jim, yeah no texting while driving... well duh! But you can you the GPS on you your little phone, while you are driving! That new license plate fee in IL is ridiculous! Usually you would see those higher fees in states that have no income tax. We already pay 3% income tax. I really hate that new fee increase and I believe its about a 200% increase!

@kenju, I agree with you on the trans fat law and I too would like to see it here. But I only feel that way, because I have elevated cholesterol a lot and have to test so often. I avoid trans fats at home, but sometimes it's hard to eat out without getting trans fats. I do feel bad for people in the restaurant business who will have to change their oils and hope the food quality is the same.

ZinniaRose said...

Heck, I find it hard enough to text when I am sitting on the sofa, don't think I'll try it behind the wheel. I stay away from trans fat, hopefully, I will be able to stay out of trouble this year. :)

Happy New Year, John! xoxo

Stephen said...

you have a swell blog & enjoyed my visits in 2009. I wish you love & warmth in the new decade.

John said...

@ZinniaRose, yes to staying out of trouble! I'm with you on the texting! My phone is so small and I don't have a QWERTY keyboard, so it takes me forever to compose a text! I would wreck for sure, if I did one while driving! I'm not a fan of texting and don't have a text package. I suppose that could easily change, when I get a new phone!

@Stephen, thank you so much! Glad you like the blog and come back again! Believe it or not I haven't forgotten about that meme award from Fall! It was the most difficult one I ever got! It wasn't just that one I haven't gotten to yet though, there are three others!

I wish you guys much love and warmth too in the new year and new decade!

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