Friday, January 8, 2010

John, where have you been?

I've been here, but I am down to one computer at the moment. I usually do most of my blogging activities (blog posts, reading other blogs, commenting, etc) on a notebook computer. Unfortunately that notebook computer stopped working. It would not get power, but it is being repaired. I still don't have it back, and I sure do miss it!

That just leaves me with my old desktop pc, which is a little sluggish. I use it mostly for scanning photos and playing games. The pc is in a corner computer armoire in my living room. I just feel trapped in a corner, when using it very much. It's a pain, and feels too much like work too, having to sit in an office chair! As soon as I get the notebook back, I will be blogging more and visiting and commenting on other blogs.

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Maria said...

I hope your holidays were great. I have been away from posting, too. So get that notebook working soon. I miss your comments.

kenju said...

I miss you too. Hurry back!

Mary Ellen said...

Hope your notebook is fixed soon. I'm so happy because my hubby bought me a new lap top and it's soooo fast! I tried out my old one this afternoon and wonder how in the world I managed to get any posts out. It's beyond a snail.

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