Monday, November 23, 2009

All these great cd's come out today!

...Somebody's going shopping later! I want 'em all! Okay, Susan Boyle can wait. I just threw that one in so there's something for everyone! Actually I wouldn't mind getting that one too, but it can wait. After all there are only so many music listening hours in a day!

Get Sharkira's cd at Target--it comes with a free dvd of five live tracks and interviews (exclusively at Target)!

(Rihanna's new "Rated R"...the wait is over)!

Susan Boyle's debut cd is the #1 bestseller on

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Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Our musical tastes will never be alike my friend. I appreciate Shakira but mainly for her looks, however I do dig Lady Gaga.

Larry Ohio said...

All of these on one day? I'll get Adam's for sure. The others? Time will tell.

Michael Rivers said...

I for sure want Lady GaGa and Susan Boyle. I've already grown tired of Adam Lambert. Eeeks. is that okay to admit? Or does it make me a bad gay?

Jim said...

Shakira's HOT!!!

Kyle said...

Lady GaGa and Susan Boyle for me.

John said...

@Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein, I know, especially since I love music so much there is hardly any singer or band that I don't like LOL!

@Larry Ohio, I still haven't went shopping, but I will and if I could only pick one it would be Shakira. This new one of hers is unlike her previous albums...lots of international flair in this one.

@Michael Rivers, If you already have Lady GaGa's The Fame, you might want to know that it is re-released in The Fame Monster! Or you can look for the 8 song version of The Fame Monster. I'll just get the deluxe version, since it will be more convenient than carrying both cds around.

Yes, Bad Gay! Bad Gay, since you are already tired of Adam Lambert! Support your community and embrace diversity! LOL

@Jim, I agree, and those hips don't lie! Shakira is top of my list!

@Kyle, both great choices! I hope you do a review of Susan Boyle's album, since I won't buy it right away. When I first heard her on youtube, I left a comment there saying I would buy her future cd. Now it's time to pay the piper or be a liar LOL. I'll get before Christmas and shop around for the best price!

lavonne said...

Hey John, and welcome back! LoL :-) I liked your post and if I see you getting sucked in I'll through you a line. :-), just do the same for me. I'm becoming a big Lady Gaga fan all of a sudden she's great to workout to, her videos keep your attention and they aren't boring that's for sure. She's about the only one I would get right now.

John said...

@lavonne, got you (the inside joke)! I am amazed at how many people are fans of Lady GaGa and not just young kids! She's quite the entertainer, isn't she! I can work out or dance along with her too and I do...(as long as no one is watching!) ha!

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