Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rams end their losing streak

The St. Louis Rams narrowly pulled out their first win of the season against the equally lowly Detroit Lions. It's a good way to head into the bye week, where hopefully head coach Steve Spagnuolo can instill some discipline into this team... (TurfShowTimes)

As you may know, my local NFL team is the Rams. So I am happy to announce that they finally won a game! I know, I know-- they beat the Lions--big deal. But a win is a win, and the Rams were long overdue! The Rams have finally ended their losing streak, and no team should have to go through the equivalent of an entire season (plus!) without a win, right?!

Here I am (RamNut) in Rams gear, back in the day--well a couple a years ago and taken with a cell phone camera. In case you're wondering I have not worn any Rams caps, shirts, jackets, etc in a couple of years. If I did, I would probably get laughed at!

Usually I would receive a phone call from my daughter (a Packers fan) after each Rams game--just to laugh and make sure I knew the Rams lost. I didn't get that call today, haha!

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Larry Ohio said...

Haha that's great John! I'm a Browns fan, also 1-7 for the year. Please shoot me.

Jim said...

Hey John, congrats on the RAMS winning over the Lions... could be worse, remember when the Tampa Bay Bucs first came into the NFL and lost their first 26 games between 1976 and 1977 combined?
The Rams earned this one.
Oh yeah, GO CHARGERS!!!

plainolebob said...

When they were the ain't insteada the saints, we sang the blues so know the feelim, finally a winner

Maria said...

Yaay Rams. Yaay, to a daughter who calls to give her father a bad time over football. That is my kind of kid!

My husband says he never watches an Army Navy game because Navy loses when he watches.

John said...

@Larry Ohio, well it seems only natural to be a fan of your nearest NFL team, right! I'm dying to know who the Browns beat, so will have to surf the net

@Jim, Thanks! Oh yeah, I had completely forgot that the Bucs were called the worst team ever in the NFL way back then. Of course they eventually redeemed themselves at Super Bowl XXXVII! The Rams will make a comeback eventually (they have no where to go, but up)LOL

@plainolebob, LOL! I can't believe I never hear the Saints referred to as the aints!

@Maria, my daughter loves to talk on the phone. She will call and giggle, asking "are you watching the game? etc"

LOL, I know how your husband feels! Funny how baseball is different--the Cardinals almost always win, if I am watching one of their games.

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