Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Autumn in Action

Watch fall unfold one frame at a time in a multimedia piece with cello accompaniment by Carol Wessler of the Peoria Symphony Orchestra. ( Peoria Journal Star:)

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Michael Rivers said...

Fall is in full swing. Such a beautiful time of year.

plainolebob said...

John, thanks, nice piece, pleas send some one over now to help rake up those beautiful falling leaves.
My front yard is about a foot deep from that damn sycamore tree.

Kyle said...

Beautiful multimedia piece John.

John said...

Thank you to everyone that took a few minutes watch the video. It truly captures Autumn in central Illinois, and I love how even some of the streets and building of Peoria are shown.

Did you notice that nobody was dressed in coats? For the most part, we have had some great weather. I think they call that Indian Summer.

@Michael Rivers, I agree that Fall is such a beautiful time of year, AND tolerable--not too hot, not too cold!

@Kyle, I'm glad you enjoyed the video. I watched it three times LOL. Well, I must admit I was fascinated by the beautiful music by the Cello.

Maxwell House said...

What a lovely piece of music. We were almost tempted to post it on our blog, oops the blue and white flag waving killed that idea. Generally we don't like overt gay blogs, with cornball gay pictures and graphics. But thought we would check you out since your friend (connect), of our personal friend that writes Let them eat Cupcakes. who one of us sees, once in a while. We will continue exploring your blog. Cheero...QIC blog

John said...

@plainolebob, LOL I'll get right on that! As always, thanks for your comment! Much appreciated.

@Maxwell House, thanks for taking the time to check out my lil ole blog! As you can see by my blogroll, I don't particularly care for overt gay blogs either. Anyway, so glad you enjoyed that music! Your blog is great and I especially loved the beautiful photo of Autumn in Balls Falls Ontario--absolutely gorgeous!

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