Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Caturday!

One of my favorite bloggers--themom over at Attentive Aphorist is in the hospital. Normally I would not mention actual names, but she does have her name on the Facebook badge right on her blog, so I think an exception can be made. So Marie, please get well soon! I miss your blogging and I miss you on Facebook!

If you read her blog or just want to do a good deed for the day, then I hope you will leave a get well soon comment at her latest post "In the Hospital," written by her daughter, which informs us of the hospitalization and what has happened.

With that being said, I'm making this "Caturday" post since I can't stop thinking about Marie. I know if she were home today and feeling good, she would have a Caturday post, which is a regular feature on Saturdays at her blog.

By the way, this Caturday photo was what someone left as a comment after seeing the leaked Le vi Johns ton Play girl photos. LOL! (No guarantee how long this link will work). You've been the cat (trust me, it's nothing to get excited over), but NSFW!

This is for you, Marie! Get well soon and I wish you a speedy recovery my friend.

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plainolebob said...

John, about your other post, I was called for jury duty once, they let me go, I told em hell nuke em all, that did it.
I hope your friend gets well soon.

kenju said...

HAHA! I saw the photos. He's pretty cute, but it bothers me that he's making money over this whole fiasco, and for no reason other than he impregnated the candidate's daughter.

Thanks for the nice comments on the Christmas decor. I usually post all the other stuff we do too, so come back after Thanksgiving and get motivated! LOL

Poor Marie! I have been thinking about her a lot and hope she will recover soon.

Jo said...

I couldn't see the photos. Probably just as well. :-)

I don't know Marie, but I hope she gets well soon.

Did you see Harry Reid's speech on CNN last night? He's an amazing speaker. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you folks. :-)

John said...

@plainolebob, thanks for hoping Marie gets well soon and yeah, I guess you would be released from jury duty for that statement! I bet you made a bunch of people laugh too! That's funny!

@kenju, Glad you got to see the photos. They have already been taken down from the original blog that posted them! I found another place where they were at, so I changed the link. The new link seems to be missing a few of the most boring pictures.

You're welcome for the comments I left on your blog of Christmas decor! Looking forward t more!

I know you've been thinking of Marie; saw your comments. I know she and the family appreciates it. I miss Marie's Sunday meme today :(

@Jo, if you want to see most of the pics of Levi, I changed the link and that link does say "continued", so there are 3 others of him in a leather jacket on Kenneth's main blog. So if you want to see, that link should work longer!

Yes, I saw Harry Reid's speech. He better hope this passes, as he is up for re-election next year in Nevada and he is not very popular there. I don't understand that, since I've read he's done more for that state than anyone else. I'll be glad when the health care reform is passed, so they can concentrate on the economy.

Thanks for the get well wishes for Marie!

Suzanne said...

Ha! The linked worked and I looked just like the cat! I hope your friend feels better!

John said...

@Suzanne, LOL, glad the link worked! If you had tried a little earlier it wouldn't have worked! You saw the my updated 2nd link! The original site I had linked to had already been forced to remove the photos. They are everywhere though!

I bet a lot of people had that same look as the cat! Thanks for commenting!

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