Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Careless Whisper, Then and Now

This was then...
(Wham! featuring George Michael, circa. 1984)

This is Now...
25 Years Later as performed by Seether
(and their officical cool video too)!

This Seether video was realeased in June. The remake is still immensely popular and still being played on Channel 20 on 20 Sirius XM radio. 20 on 20 plays the biggest hits of today from the biggest artists of today played in countdown format by votes.

I love both versions! Which do you like best?
~ John

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Jim said...

Ahh yes, the '80's... I was categorized as being "'80's" decade person on that survey thing on facebook John... which decade are you?
Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving buddy!

John said...

@Jim, I am an 80's decade person too! And would you believe I have hundreds if not thousands of cds from the 80's! Most of them I got for like $2.00 each if they were made by Capitol Records, which HAD a huge manufacturing plant right here in town (Jacksonville). Now it's EMI, but all the jobs got outsourced! Anyway Capitol/EMI had what the called "delete sales" at least once a year and I stocked up (lots of one hit wonders LOL).

Happy Thanksgiving to you to, Jim and thanks for commenting.

Stephen said...

I like 'em both... but I remain a huge WHAM! fan... I am an 80s guy also.

John said...

@Stephen, I played the heck out of my Wham! "cassette!" I think that saxophone in Wham's version makes it a very romantic song, which I love. But I do like that modern "edge" in the Seether's version..

ReRe said...

oh how i love(d) me some Wham! i was just a youngin but i really thought george michael was gonna mary me. i also had a crush on boy george....i didn't know i was in for a world of heartache!

love you john!

John said...

@ReRe, you're so funny and I love that about you! I loved those Culture Club songs in the 80's! I wanted to do my hair like Boy George for Halloween back then. It didn't turn out so good! I had long hair back then and it was permed "just for body." Once my stylist permed it so curly, I got home and called her crying saying "I look like Michael Jackson!" Can you imagine! She had me come back and somehow she got some of the curl out. I loved Michael, but I didn't want his hair LOL!

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