Thursday, November 5, 2009

Teacher that was suspended over 'gay animal' article returns to class

Some unexpected good news! And YAY for teachers, who inspire their students to learn. That is, after all why students go to school, isn't it--to learn? As I said the other day, I read the article and didn't think it warranted suspension of an educator. Thank you to everyone that left a comment! You too thought suspending the teacher was a bit extreme.

Just last Friday I blogged here about a local teacher who was suspended after a complaint about an optional assignment for his sophomore English honors class.

Students had the option of reading an article written by Jonah Lehrer that quoted Joan Roughgarden, a biology professor at Stanford University who challenges Darwinian sexual selection by documenting more than 450 animal species that engage in homosexual behaviors.
The teacher was back in class Tuesday following a disciplinary hearing Monday night, where more than 200 people lined the stairs, sidewalk and office space at the school district’s small unit office in Piasa. Many of the teachers's supporters had handmade posters and banners.

A high school junior even presented the board with a petition that 204 people signed in support of the teacher. In her presentation, she noted the assignment had been optional and that any student could have chosen an alternate assignment.

I have to admit, being in conservative central Illinois that I was surprised that the teacher was not permanently suspended. I'm glad the board came to it's senses and happy that so many supporters of the teacher showed up at the meeting.

(Click the title link for the news article in the Jacksonville (Illinois) Journal-Courier)

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plainolebob said...

My personal sexual preference is heterosexual, but I don't think sexual preference has any place in politics or religion.

Allen said...

Sorry I didnt see the first post. I need to get back into a good swing and catch up on my blog reading.

It says that was an optional assignment. Why would you suspend for that. It makes no since to me at all. They need to take all the school board members and fire them.

Jo said...

In Canada, that wouldn't even be an issue. I agree with Plainolebob, sexual preference has no place in politics or religion. In fact, we had a Prime Minister (Trudeau) who said "The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation."

So, in Canada we have legalized same-sex marriage and we have excellent universal health care

Y'all need to move to Canada. :-)

Aerelonian said...

Great to hear! That is just rediculous!!!

John said...

@plainolebob, Amen to that (sorry I couldn't resist LOL).

@Allen, You're right, it does not make any sense. The students knew that and stood up for this teacher or he probably would still be suspended. The school board could learn a lot from the students!

@Jo, the U.S. could learn A LOT from it's neighbors to the north. Vancouver and Victoria are the only places in Canada I have been, but I also hope to some day visit Montreal and Toronto. I think I would be quite happy at one of those three cities in Canada!

@Aerelonian, Yes it was ridiculous. Kids go to school to learn, so let them learn, right?!

Kyle said...

Very good to hear. I though the teacher would be victorious, but you never know. It makes me feel good that so many people turned out in support. It is nice not to have to experience things alone, but it is so much better when there is a crowd supporting you!

libhom said...

This shows how important it is for people to take action.

John said...

@Kyle, you made some great points. And there is power in numbers!

@libhom, you are so right, aod it is great to know this action was led by students--our future leaders.

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