Saturday, December 5, 2009

Been Busy

Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately (for those few of you that read them LOL). I spent nearly two hours the night before Thanksgiving scanning and uploading photos that I took from when we visited Plymouth, Massachusetts. I have one of Plymouth Rock, and several from Plimoth Plantation. It was a chore to review a photo album and narrow down five or six for the blog and then to write some descriptions. Well, I never got to the point of writing about the photos. The weather was not cooperating with my satellite Internet service. It was very cloudy and sleeting and when that happens, my connection is spotty. I tried three times to upload the photos and after about a half hour each time, I would get the "satellite outage, probably due to weather blah, blah, blah" message. I finally gave up!

I have ranted blogged about my spotty so called 'high speed' Internet service before. Any of you that have DirecTV have surely seen the commercials for "high speed" Internet by their satellite company--HughesNet. They make it sound so fantastic, but I don't recommend it. We only have it, because we are too far out for cable or DSL. It is faster than dial up, but speeds vary. It will be even worse in the winter. If snow or ice builds up on your satellite, it will block the signal and must be carefully cleaned off. If it happens a lot, then I will keep up my blog from work.

We have some friends that live practically way out in the middle of nowhere and they have the same problem. They went from dial up to Verizon 3G. They have spotty service too and I am not so sure they can get 3G, since AT&T says we don't have 3G service in this county. Supposedly both companies share the same towers. Of course, neither AT&T or Verizon wants to talk about this. I have had AT&T, even back when they were Cingular and have gone through many phones. I have always been satisfied with their service, but I'm sure they sell the iphone and blackberries without explaining that we don't have 3G here--unless you ask (which I do)! There are lots of people with iphones and blackberries here though, despite the lack of 3G speed. I wonder if most of these people even realize they aren't getting 3G here!

I did the early Black Friday shopping one year and every register was open and each one had a line all the way to the back of the store! I said "never again!" Needless to say, I did not do any Black Friday shopping. But I had seen a Walmart commercial saying you could get a $100 Walmart gift card, if you bought a blackberry Saturday through Friday. Too good to be true, since both our phones are eligible for upgrades! So, I got Ron to meet me at Wallyworld Friday night after work. Busiest day of the year and they have one guy working in the cellphones! I can't stand that store!

I waited over a half hour, while some teen age girl got her a cheap ass touch screen phone from her parents. And these people asked every question in the world, as if they never had a cell phone! The girl was embarrassed, of course. I waited patiently as I listened to the parents make sure the internet was blocked for that phone, etc. The knowledgeable young salesman also informed them that she would also not be able to send picture mail with the internet blocked! Guess that's one girl who won't be sexting, haha! The girl got a casing and some stick on protectors and their grand total was less than $23.00, and the Dad complained about that! Good luck with that phone Pops! It's a good thing you bought the insurance--sucker!

I finally get waited on and the guy tells me that $100 gift card offer was last week! What?! Oh hell no! No, I didn't say it; I was just thinking it! I was so freaking mad (but didn't show it). I was and still am 99% sure that I got there during the correct week for that sale and on the last day. I didn't argue with the guy though. I know that I dvr everything on tv and sometimes don't watch it for a few days, so I couldn't be sure about the date of the blackberry special.

Ron and I have both admitted that we play with the iphones everytime we are in Walmart! So it was only natural that we look at them, and I was ready to buy two and then Ron brought me to my senses LOL! I paid more for my phone like three years ago, than the most expensive iphone, so it only makes sense to use it as long as I can stand it. Of course this phone is much cheaper now. Honestly, I don't care--I still want an iphone! But I want us to have the same phone and he is a little technologically challenged! I had to shhhh him, when he asked the guy if it is hard to learn to use them. I was thinking "don't embarrass me LOL." I told Ron there were tons of how to videos all over the internet, especially at the Apple website...GRrrrrr!

I love my little phone, but it is very thick. It is at least as thick as a pack of cigarettes, but otherwise very, very tiny. It's bulky to have in any pocket, except an inside jacket pocket. For that reason, I decided to wait until Spring to get my iphone. Hopefully we will have 3G by then too.

So, Thanksgiving came and went. I got up and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving parade on tv and we had a nice peaceful and restful day at home. We didn't have a giant feast, because we had originally planned to eat out. We were both so tired and since I had a bad headache we decided to stay home at the last minute. No problem though, Ron can whip up a nice meal in no time. He is such a good cook and lucky for me, he actually enjoys cooking (I don't).

Aside from that, I have been busy with household chores and of course my monthly billing and accounting that I do on the first of each month. I have racked my brain trying to think of something to put on the blog. Every time I started to post something, I felt like it was old news or something I had already seen on several other blogs (and you probably did too). You know me, I like to mix it up--not too much personal stuff, not too much politics, not too much news, not too many videos, etc. Hopefully I will get back on track now and not take a week off from the blog anytime soon.

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kenju said...

I got a new cell phone recently, and I didn't want anything that could leap tall buildings in a single bound - just a good one to make calls and tell the time....LOL. Mine's purple too, so that's a bonus!

Howard said...

It is a crazy time of year - whenever I think I will have some time, the gap closes.

Kyle said...

You sound very busy. Good to hear you are ok. Pace yourself!

Allen said...

John, sounds like you are staying out of trouble, from being so busy.

Glad to hear you are doing well though.

p.s. I have an Prrrrfect Award waiting for you.

Stephen said...

We miss you wehn you too long without a post. Thanks for the update.

John said...

@kenju, I want my phone to do everything humanly possible LOL! I'm patient and will wait though. Like I said, since I'll have a coat or jacket on for several more months the phone can be in a jacket pocket. When it's too warm for jackets, I'll probably get a new phone then. A long time ago I used to wear my phone in a pouch for the belt, until my daughter said "Dad, a phone is not a fashion accessory!" So true, she's so smart! I think she heard that on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I'm sure I'd love your phone, since it's purple. Mine is orange (perfect, U of I colors)!

@Howard, It certainly IS a crazy time of year! You would think I woud be used to it by now! My whole year flew by though!

@Kyle, December is a the 2nd busiest month for us florists (May is busier). I do need to pace myself...a consistent sleep schedule is definitely needed! Sometimes I get 4 hours of sleep and other times I sleep for 10-12. I recently gave up coffee (still have a cup or two every now and then), but I can sure tell a difference. I have been fueled by caffeine all these years and am sluggish without it!

@Allen, I TRY to stay out of trouble yes. Usually that means keeping my big mouth shut, which isn't easy sometimes!

@Stephen, thank you; that is so kind of you to say! I think you named me for one of your meme awards back in the Fall and I'm sorry I lost where it is at. It was mostly brown, something framed, and it was so so hard for me to do, I put it off and then lost it--sorry! I sure appreciate the mention though!

Larry Ohio said...

Your cell phone purchase story with the teen daughter and cheap father was fantastic! I'm still chuckling. Been missing you John. Stay well :-)

Maria said...

I loved my blackberry and then Bob said, "Let's update." So we went out and bought the blackjack. I like the keyboard, but it is the most difficult phone I have ever had. I would love a new iphone. It really is a fascinating item and I do believe easy to use.

I understand your frustration with Wal-Mart. Staples is another blood-pressure raiser. I have so often mis read the two for ones that they have all over the store.

travelingman said...

I know exactly how you feel John...I have been so darn busy all year! Too much traveling going on for work and not enough hours in the day. Keep well. :)

John said...

@Larry Ohio, I'm glad you got a good laugh about the customers in front of me buying their daughter her first touch screen phone LOL! It was hard for me to keep a straight face, especially when Pops kept apologizing for them taking so long! Ron had two funny shopping stories lately and I hope to put them on my blog! He almost always comes home after shopping with the most crazy things you've ever heard! Usually I am in and out as fast as possible--it's a small town and I don't want to get stopped by friends and aquaintances and end up in the store for hours (it has happened)!

@Maria, you mentioned keyboard, which is exactly one of the big reasons I want a new phone! My daughter texts me a lot and I don't have a QWERTY keyboard and am the world's worst texter with a numeric keypad! Sometimes, I just give up in the middle of composing one! Let me know if you ever get the iphone! Just think of all the photos and videos of the grandkids it would hold!

@travelingman, I know, where did this year go?! Hey wait a minute, you ARE the travelingman after all, so you travel. I don't think you can travel too much! I really envy all you business and other travels! Send me to Paris, etc. anyday! LOL!

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