Friday, May 15, 2009

Jacksonville, Illinois Storm Clouds Friday Evening

This is the third photo taken and is a funnel cloud approaching. Luckily, it did not turn into a tornado. It was eerily quiet and not raining or thundering and lightning yet. Look at the pair of oblivious birds on the electrical wire near the top of the photo! The timestamp on this photo was 4:36 p.m. (Click any of these photos for a larger view).

Notice in the next picture, just minutes apart and it is a lot darker. Then I went back in!

These photos were taken facing northwest from my home located just west of Jacksonville. After my last post announcing that I was unplugging the computer, I gathered up a flashlight and other things to take down in the basement, since we were under a tornado warning.
My satellite tv had not gone out yet and I had the local news on, so I could see that I had about fifteen minutes before a tornado that was spotted west of Jacksonville would arrive very close by my house. I know, I know, it is foolish to go out and take pictures with a storm approaching, so shut it! (LOL, I picked that line up from Re-Re).

Anyway, I only took four photos and came back in the house pretty fast. I was ready to go to the basement, but only if absolutely necessary. Luckily, I did not have to take cover in the basement. I avoid the basement at all costs. It is not a "finished" basement. It is dark and damp and is a haven for spiders. I gave up on a dehumidifier a long time ago. I couldn't empty it fast enough! The storm has finally let up now, but it is still very windy.

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John said...

Just notice after I clicked to enlarge the picture with the 2 birds. It looks like they are doves.

themom said...

Those are some ominous looking clouds. I checked the weather map after you blogged last evening and it appeared that a mess of storms was heading our way. We even had weather alerts. Believe it or not - all the storms broke up and went north and south of us. Today, I am praying for rain (so not in a baseball game mood) - and I don't think it is working. Well, off to the game.

John said...

@themom, no I don't think you're going to get your rain! I would gladly trade and go to the game (and you could work today).

Yes, I can believe the mess of storms broke up there. That's what happened here. The radar showed one after another quickly breaking apart and scattering about.

Hey, thanks for commenting and I hope you enjoy your day!

Mom's Fortress of Solitude said...

We're in Highland Park, and received that system later in the evening. I always look out our front door to watch the lightening over Lake Michigan . . . such a beautiful sight!

I'm glad you didn't have to take cover in that dreaded, arachnid-filled basement.

John said...

@Mom's Fortress of Solitude, I bet it didn't take long to reach your area! Wow I bet you see a lot of beautiful sights over Lake Michigan, storms, sunsets, sunrises, fireworks!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

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