Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hodgepodge of a blog post

After a busy week of work, I am trying to get back in to the groove of blogging and all that goes with it, which would be reading my favorite blogs, commenting, replying to comments, and of course coming up with a blog post! So, I'm calling this one my hodgepodge post and featuring the beautiful decoupage my grand daughter made for me, when she was in pre-school. She's so creative! I wish I would've scanned those kinds of things a long time ago. I never thought of it really, but what a good way to preserve and easily share! So here's some rambling thoughts I put out occasionally!

  • I hope nobody thought I was complaining about my job in recent posts! It just gets really hectic the week of holidays. I really love my job. After all, it is my chosen career. I started in the flower biz at age 16 and have tried other things twice, but always found my way back to flowers. I think what I like most right now is the variety of work I get to do. I don't have to stand on my feet all day, but I also don't sit behind a desk all day. It's a great balance. I think I am in a somewhat unique position to have both florist accounting skills and design skills.

I have been inspired by a recently discovered designer's blog called Imagine after I saw it on Attentive Aphorist's blogroll. Thanks, TheMom for pointing that out to me! Kenju writes the Imagine blog, and wrote a great article about working the long hours in a flower shop. Most people just don't realize the hard work and long hours that florists put in prior to and during holidays. If you have a minute, check out that blog link.

What else has been going on? Things in the news happened that I would've blogged about.

  • Maine became the 5th to legalize same sex marriage! That is 10% of all states! Other states, like New Hampshire, New York, could soon be added to that statistic! I really believe it's just a matter of time until it becomes more common in more and more states. I sure hope so. We all deserve equal rights.
  • Elizabeth Edwards is hawking such a personal book. No, I didn't watch the Oprah or Larry King interview, but I have seen clippets. I wonder if she is doing this as punishment to John Edwards, or if they are desperate for money. I find the whole thing tacky, especially since they have children. No, I won't buy the book or check it out from the library. I learned my lesson after that awful book "The Confession" by James McGreevey.
  • Wanda Sykes told those hilarious jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner! Glad they keep showing clips of them still! Sorry Rush (not)! No comment, huh? Hahahahaha
  • Donald Trump defending that nitwit beauty queen. I don't know who is the bigger media whore, him or her. Wait, yes I do, it would be the Donald! Was it really necessary for HIM to hold a press conference. Just because he is ONE of the pageant owners, doesn't mean he needed to once again (remember Tara Connor the former druggie Miss USA) do a press conference to be the moral authority as to whether some pretty girl should keep her tiara. The Miss California USA has it's own organization with plenty of people, who could have just let her keep her title or hold a press conference themselves. And wasn't Chump pathetic to think his paparazzi was applauding his announcement? It was later reported that no it was not, but it was Miss California's parents clapping (dumbass)! Paparazzi were busy taking pictures of that birds nest on your head Chump!
  • That Slime ball Drew Peterson finally got put in jail! I have blogged about him before. He is a very dangerous man, so I previously chose my words carefully. Now, I hope he rots in jail for the rest of his life. That murdering bastard.
  • "Farrah's Story" airs this Friday night on NBC, so check your listings. Just last month I wrote about my admiration for Farrah with my An Angel Needs Your Prayers post.
  • And I haven't forgotten that I received two more blog awards that I have yet to acknowledge! I'm working on that!
  • That's enough of my hodgepodge rambling thoughts post! You mean you read this far?!

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Rae* said...

Well John I see your up at an indecent hour blogging too. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Actually I didn't do a thing on Mother's day. It was all pretend mother work I was blogging about. I like your post today. I totally agree with you on every point.

ReRe said...

i'm so OVER elizabeth edwards. she is making herself look sad and pathetic. and his affair is not even timely or interesting anymore! note to all: when your spouse cheats, you come out with a tell-all within 6 months, NOT TWO YEARS LATER!

John said...

@Rae, hi! Busted! Yep, I'm like a night owl LOL I am off today, so got to stay up late as I want and not set an alarm clock. Uggh, I never thought I'd get still be up early, thanks to the thunderstorms! And you're welcome, I am happy to leave comments at your blog (glad you don't mind) and thanks for commenting here! I wish more people would!

@ReRe, you got that right! Can you imagine the tension in that household! Everybody is over it, and boom, back in your face again family!

libhom said...

I loved Wanda Sykes' routine.

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