Friday, May 1, 2009

Wanna see something pretty?

(Click the photo for a detailed look).

I took this photo last August at Palace Court in Caesars Las Vegas. It is one of my favorite flower pictures. These are the kinds of arrangements I got to make, when I worked in Las Vegas. I miss it! Now I mostly do accounting, but I have to help get everything done that needs done! We have proms and funerals, so I just got off work and will be back at it tomorrow.

This is just a short post (and a pretty picture) to let everyone know that I am very busy with work (I'm a florist). I will be working late probably all week as Mother's Day approaches next Sunday. I will still try and visit my favorite blogs, but I may not have time to do that and leave comments and reply to comments...all things I love to do. And I may not have time to make any good posts, but we'll see how it goes. If nothing else, I will share some more random pics.

And I want Tomas Arcanum to know that I haven't forgotten about the Kreativ Blogger award he passed on to me. Thank you! So hopefully, I can do that post ASAP (yes it's a little meme I will be passing around as well).

Oh! Speaking of Mother's Day... I know you will see all kinds of florist ads all over the internet and probably this page too, since I have google adsense! If you do buy flowers for Mother's Day, I don't want any of you to get ripped off! So, before you buy flowers online, please check out this great consumer site by my friends at Florist Detective. If you check that site, you will save money and avoid getting ripped off!

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7 comments: said...


I didnt know that about you. That is awesome. My mom played around with arranging flowers. She even bought out a flower show, so that she would have supplies that she wanted.

She also did that with a cermaic shop. It actually saved her tons of money in the long run.

I am glad that things are going well for you.


themom said...

I love those arrangements. I also admire those who have this talent as my thumbs are BLACK. Check out the link to "Imagine's" site (on my blog). She also makes some fantastic arrangements.

Anonymous said...

lovely flowers! i wish i could get those for my mother LOL they are very pretty john, very pretty.

themom said...

I have an award for you over at my place. Come pick it up!!! :)

John said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

@allen, yes I have been in the flowers biz most of my life, starting at age 16 delivering! Got out for awhile and worked big box retail, then in an administrative office. Somehow I never really got the flower biz out of my system, since it's something I love.

@themom, in person those arrangements were so big and breathtaking! I just love how they decorate big hotels with such elaborate arrangements.

and another award? I'm speechless! Thanks so much, please give me a few days to do it! I'm embarrased to say I have another one I need to do too!

@prinseamusang, they are gorgeous arent' they! Caesars, Bellagio, & Wynn (and a few others) always have the most lavish flower arrangements. It was fun when I got to make big pieces like that. Glad you liked!

kenju said...

John, thanks so much for the visits (and for following) and the nice comments on our flowers.

I am happy to see your admonition to people ordering flowers on-line. It is so important!!

John said...

@kenju, you are so pleasure! Your work is so beautiful. I will be visiting your blog a lot! Weddings are not one of my favorite things in the flower business, but you can't hardly get around it can you! Thanks for the comment!

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