Friday, May 15, 2009

Travis, the attack-chimp, had Xanax in his system

Huh? You would think xanax would calm the savage beast that went ape-sh*t! I wonder what else he had in his system (besides rage)? I'm glad the chimp's owner is getting sued.

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Rae* said...

I think the ape attacked the wrong person. Should have been the idiot owner! Hey thanks for commenting on my blog. My blog was just given an award and I would have liked to pass it on to your blog but I wasn't sure if you did the award thing or not. I share many of your viewpoints and I really enjoy reading your posts. RAE

John said...

Rae, I agree, it should've been the owner! It's just crazy to have a wild animal for a pet.

Hey congrats. on that award! I got it too LOL. Thanks for thinking of me for it! I know what you mean about a lot of people don't do those awards. So far, I don't mind, but I got 2 the end of April which was bad timing, since I have a lot of accounting on the 1st of each month (billing, sales tax report, payroll report, etc), then on top of that was real busy with Mother's Day WEEK.

So I am still trying to get my Kreativ Award post done, then I'm going to do that other one.

I wish so many of them didn't look so fem, especially the Bella Award! So I was real excited when I got the masculine looking "Honest Scrap award!

Glad you like the blog! And I so appreciate you being a follower and commenting too, so thanks!

themom said...

John - just mix 'em up - the frilly awards and the masculine ones too. To be honest - I think women are the ones who create them and initially send them out.

I agree with both of you and the drugged Chimp. that was one of the most pathetic stories. I understand the doctor's at Cleveland Clinic are still evaluating the women for a face transplant. That would be great.

John said...

@themom, yes I will mix up those awards. My favorite is the one you gave (Honest Scrap)! I have it on my sidebar :-)

That chimp story was so sad and never should've happened. I thought I heard and saw on CNN that the victim already got the face transplant, but would take many more surgeries and years to look "normal." Maybe it was the first face transplant lady (guess I was'nt paying much attention). Her new face was very large and puffy though, poor thing. She is very brave to face the cameras like that. I think she is going to be fine--I sure hope so!

libhom said...

This is a weird War on Some Drugs example. People can get arrested for smoking pot, but psychoactive pharmaceuticals are so ready available, people can feed them to pets.

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