Sunday, May 24, 2009

Things to Remember on Memorial Day

Obviously an old cartoon, so add another dollar on to the price of gas!

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Rae said...

Certainly is thought provoking and so appropriate. Yes I can see gas skyrocketing again. The oil moguls are going to dig deep into out pockets - they have taken too big a loss recently. They have to gouge us again.

Mary Ellen said...

Nothing pisses me off more than to watch the Oil companies raise the price of gas on a weekend they know there will be more's just so greedy.

Great cartoon, and yes, it would be nice if everyone remembered what Memorial Day was all about.

Mary Ellen said...

Hope you had a great weekend, kiddo.

Blonde Goddess said...

Yeah...gas is up to 2.65 a gallon here. That SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind, I used that 3rd Grade "Hores" essay you had up on your blog awhile back. I did H/T you and linked to your blog. I still laugh when I read that thing. ;-)

John said...

Thank you all for leaving comments!

@Rae, you always leave the perfect comment!

@MaryEllen, thank you! Yes, I had a great weekend! Among other things...Spent the day in St. Louis and paid $2.24 a gal. for gas in Missour, and my tank was nearly empty! Saved money all around.

@me414, I don't mind a bit, that you used that hores post! And it is one of the most popular posts that people land on here! If you noticed, I have recently added the share button at the bottom of each works great! Try it easy to share on facebook, twitter, just have to be logged onto those at the same time you share.

@BlondeGoddess, so glad you stopped by! By now, a day after your comment, gas may be up even more! It is now $2.69 gal her for reg.

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