Wednesday, April 29, 2009

White Cochin Bantam Rooster

...walked right up to me as many of the chickens have before, but after stopping to pose for a picture the little devil pecked and flogged me. I had shorts on, so I now have a couple of scratch marks on my right leg. It didn't draw blood, but it sure does itch. How could something so pretty be so mean? I should've known better! He is mean to his matching hen too!
I quickly got out of his coop and he belted out his high pitched crow, as if to say ha ha.

If this little rooster wasn't so cute and rare, he would've wound up in the crock pot!

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Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You got schooled by a rooster.

travelingman said...

So you have a wife beating pet? I bet it is a republican pecker. My sister was flogged by a rooster when we were children and trust me it was not pretty. I stay away from them.

Mary Ellen said...

Maybe that rooster needs an attitude adjustment...put a TV in his coop and make him watch shows of Alton Brown making chicken nuggets, chicken fricassee, and chicken ala king.

(OT: Ok John...your word verification thingy just insulted me again. boombut????? Sheesh!)

THOMAS said...

woderful foto!

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