Sunday, September 20, 2009

Celebrating Ron's Birthday

Here's a photo I took, as we were entering Harrah's St. Louis.

Ron and I spent much of the weekend in one of our favorite cities--St. Louis to celebrate his birthday. First I took him to his favorite food stores, Trader Joe's and Whole Paycheck Foods and bought some of his favorite foods (and mine, of course LOL). Then we hurried to one of our favorite steak restaurants, 'The Range' at Harrah's St. Louis Hotel and Casino. Dinner was delicious, as it always is there.

Then we hit the casino floor, where I handed Ron his generous birthday pre$ent. He was not disappointed! Funny how I hardly could find him during our three hour gambling spree. He has a way of finding me, when he loses nearly all of his money. I hit jackpots all over the place and kept getting richer as the night went on! I was ready to go home a winner, when he found me. I didn't tell him about my winnings until we were driving out of the parking lot in the wee hours of the morning. Then I whipped out all my hundred dollar bills and started counting them and shared with him, so he too came home a winner! Ron had a great birthday celebration, and I was happy that he didn't have to shell out a dime for anything.

His birthday was actually the 13th, but he took me to the ER the night of the 12th. That's the night I found out that I had a kidney stone. I felt really bad then, because we had planned to spend his birthday weekend in Peoria for the first Peoria Pride Celebration. Unfortunately we missed the Peoria Pride, but I'm thinking now that the St. Louis outing was meant to be.

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Larry Ohio said...

Sounds like a great time at the casino! Glad you won. Say "happy birthday" to Ron :-)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Happy belated birthday to Ron!

Kyle said...

John, sounds like a lot of fun. Glad you ended up on the winning side of things and decided to share the wealth. I guess the other trip simply wasn't meant to be.

john said...

I'm glad you had a good time...and happy birthday to Ron!!

John said...

@Larry Ohio, yes it was a great time at the casino (always is IF you can win)! Ron says thanks for the Happy Birthday message (plus he reads the blog).

@Dr.Monkey Von Monkerstein, thanks and Ron says thanks!

@Kyle, yep, lots of fun! We always share our winnings--with both of us gambling, usually one of us will have good luck.

@john, thanks! It sure was a good time, and nice that we didn't have to travel very far.

Allen said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ron!

Well the next time I go to a Casion, I need to take you with me for good luck. hehe


Maria said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Ron. I love when I plan a celebration and it goes the way I envisioned it. Sounds like this one went just the way you planned. . . except Ron should have won a little. LOL Guess in a way, he has won a great deal. He has a life partner who truly cares.

As to Gay Pride, there is always next year. I love the Long Beach parade here. My daughter and her partner march in it with the combined LAPD and the LA County Law enforcement.

John said...

@Allen, Ron says thanks! You are not the first person to say that LOL! I don't always bring good luck to others though. I just bring a positive carefree attitude and set my limits in advance. We used to go twice a month, but with the economy that got cut out to once every few months :(

@Maria, Ron will love to see all the Happy Birthday messages, so thanks for yours too! You are right, everything DID turn out just the way I envisioned it. I celebrated the last 22 of his birthdays with him! It will be 23 years together in November!

You're right about Pride. We've been to so many across the country and for Peoria to hold it's first one was special. I'm just glad they had a great turn out. Your daughter and her partner are lucky to have such supportive parents!

Except for my daughter, I have no family nearby. My daughter always wants to go to the Pride parades and if she does't go always wants souvineers! She loves her "I <3 My Two Dads" T shirt I got her in D.C!

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