Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich's Book; Don't waste your money!

Hell no, this is not a book review! For one thing, the book won't be released until September 8, 2009, but in Springfield it is already for sale at Barnes and Noble. Luckily for us locals (and now you, since I am sharing some local news about it), we don't have to waste our money on this book to find out what he has to say!

But first, Back in March--when the Chicago Tribune announced they were having a "Name the Blago book" contest, I made my own blog post about my choice for the title. Unfortunately the link to the Tribune's article is no longer in tact. Click here to read the article that announced the winning book title and the winner of the contest. I voted for "They paid me a [Bleeping] Bucket of Cash to Write This [Bleeping] Book."

As it turned out, none of the titles in the contest ended up as the book's title. Here's a picture of the book cover and it's title, "The Governor: The Truth Behind the Political Scandal that Continues to Rock the Nation," by Rod Blagojevich.

Well, like I said now the book is already available in Springfield and the best newspaper in central Illinois, the Springfield State Journal-Register has printed enough excerpts so far that you don't need to waste any of your hard earned money to read the book.

Last month the current Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed into law House Bill 4078, which would seize any profits made from the book deal or television appearance. Unfortunately the former governor would have to be first convicted of his corruption charges and be determined to have "injured the people of Illinois" before the profits could be seized. Obviously, Blagojevich is racing against the clock to make money off of this book, while he still can legally. And if you still need a reason not to buy the book, you can probably check it out at your local library.

It appears that the State Journal-Register might be doing a series of articles on the book, since two have already appeared in the newspaper. The links below will give you enough from the book to give you a reason not to buy it! I hope you have time to read the links below and of course the readers' comments that will appear at the bottom of the articles. The comments are hilarious and of course submitted by real people. A great number of people have commented that the book should be found in the fiction section of the store! Here are the links:

Be sure and check the Springfield State-Journal Register daily for possibly more excerpts and information about the book. And remember, don't waste your money on the book!

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Larry Ohio said...

The only thing newsworthy about Blago is his narcissism, which may have set a new standard even among narcissists.

kenju said...

I wouldn't buy that book for 1 cent, and I would never bother to read it. He's slime.

John said...

@Larry Ohio, You got that right! We, in Illinois just wish he would go away. And he will once his trial is over! He will be in prison just like our last governor.

@kenju, I'm so happy to hear that and I hope everyone else won't buy it either. Not only, would I never buy it, but somebody would have to pay me to read it! I'm glad the newspaper has already covered the book's content--that's enough for my curiosity.

plainolebob said...

Blagos' book? man them kinda guys remind me of them drugstore cowboys, lotta britches, with no ass just a lotta sh.....
look up ego, hah, he and burris both.
nice1 john

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

just awful...i will not be picking up that book unless it's to smack Blago in the face.

John said...

@plainoleBob, I think you summed it up quite nicely! You sure have a way with words.

@Jeve, LOL gld to know you won't get the booi. You would be disappointed anyway.

Yvette Kelly said...

LOl I thought you were doing book reviews now and the titles was "Don't Waste Your Money" you know,with the global recession and all.
So I gather this is not a nice guy???

John said...

@Yvette Kelly, No this is not a nice guy. He is the recently impeached governor of our state. One of his many alleged crimes is trying to sell Barack Obama's senate seat. Check out those links I provided, if you want a review!

themom said...

FYI..there is no way in hell I would contribut to anyone such as Blago, by purchasing a book. As if he wouldn't be putting the "spin" on his corrupt activities. that goes for that Palin person also. All the narcissists think we will actually buy their lies in book form....NOT!

John said...

@themom, Very well said! I really don't want to see or hear about this book! I hope the publisher loses money big time. And as for the future Palin book, I think we've heard enough LOL What could she possible have to say that we don't already know? I will be sure and do a "Don't Waste Your Money" post too, when the Palin book comes out.

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