Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sneak Peak of Whitney Houston on GMA tomorrow!

You might want to set your vcr, dvr or Tivo!

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Allen said...

Wow how did you find this out? She is so pretty. =o) and can sing. hehe

John said...

@Allen, Since I am a Whitney Houston fan on facebook, they published it on my wall! I happen to be on facebook minutes after it appeared and so I shared it here!

That is the first time I ever used facebook as a source for blogger, but I have also found things on twitter that resulted in a blog post several times! I don't "stay" logged in to facebook or twitter though. I just check them when I have a spare minute. Well, I do play games on facebook LOL.

Dorothy L said...

So cool...I would definitely agree with all the people in the video :)
Whitney Houston will always be a sexy Diva with great talent :)

John said...

@Dorothy L, thanks for your comment and visiting my blog. I too agree with all those people in the video and everything you said too.

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