Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Taxes in Illinois went up today on candy, shampoo, and liquor

Taxes going up on candy, shampoo, liquor - Springfield, IL - The State Journal-Register

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Welcome to Illinois, where we will tax you to death!
(sorry no time for graphics right now)!

Be sure and read this article...here's a tidbit of it:

Munch on a handful of plain, dry-roasted peanuts for a snack and you are eating food taxed at 1 %. Buy the honey-roasted version, and you are eating candy, which is taxed at 6.25% at the new level.

And as always, I highly recommend the readers' comments below the article!
~ John

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themom said...

That is one of the most confusing tax program I have ever seen. Retailers will have massive confusion in programming taxable items into their systems. Will the receipt show what has been taxed at 1% and 6.25% separately? Whoever came up with the idea is loony.

We have a 7% sales tax in Ohio, although there is no tax on food (grocery store and take-out) - restaurant dining is taxable of course.

Jim said...

What else do you expect John?
I used to live in C(r)ook County but now live in Will County...
point is the people still stuck in "crook" county pay even MORE TAXES than the rest of us in this state.
Shampoo (unless you're completely bald) is something we need... candy and liquor are optional.
But the only things certain in life are death and taxes... (and being an Orioles fan) the only things certain in life are death, taxes and Cal Ripken.
And BTW, taxes will probably go up again within the next two years here in Illinois.

kenju said...

Everything but drugs is taxed here, and it went up 1% today, to 7.75%.

heatherbelle said...

Aint it always the way....

Mary Ellen said...

I think our Illinois pols should tax hot air...we'd make a fortune after one City Council Meeting in Chicago. Double that fortune when Mayor Shortshanks Daley opens his big fat trap.

John said...

@themom, it really is confusing! I have to do some creative reprogramming of tax codes with out store computers to make sure our monthly sales tax report to the state is correct, and that we collect and pay in the correct amount. It was already as pain in the butt.

Yes, most every place in Illinois already does show the different tax rates and amounts on the receipts. Since food tax (groceries only) is 1%, while everything else is at a higher "state level" plus each municipality can add in another tax.

Some things like excise tax (like on gas, cigarettes, etc are not usually broken down though on a receipt).

Most of the state is within an hour of another state, so Illinois loses a lot of revenue to surrounding states, especially on gas and cigarettes and now alcohol. People also go to surrounding states to gamble, because they cannot smoke inside Illinois casinos.

By the way Illinois has about a 10 billion dollar budget deficit, I cited in previous blog posts! I think these new taxes will not help much!

@Jim, Wow, you know back in the early 80's I worked in C(r)ook County too (Richton Park) and I chose to also live in Will County and commute. I saved a fortune!

I know our Governor wants to double the income tax! For those who wonder, it is now 3% and Quinn would like to make it 6%! Missouri income tax is 4%. People will move out of this state as taxes keep going up. It's ridiculous!

Taxes are confusing though. Some states like Nevada have no income tax, but they gouge you at the DMV and other ways too! Been there, done that...still I would like to move back to Nevada some day and not have to pay income tax on my gambling wins!

@kenju, That's terrible to tax drugs! You mean prescriptions? So far they are still non-taxable here, Thank God. I thought every state had zero or just 1% grocery tax! Wrong!

@heatherbelle, it sure seems like it's always that way...up, up, up. Nothing ever goes down, except your disposable income.

@Mary Ellen, thank you for commenting, because you always bring humor and make me smile or laugh. I think you need your own show on Comedy Central LOL!

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