Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Goodbye Mary Travers

Mary Travers of Peter, Paul, and Mary dies.(Reuters)

Both my Mom and my sister loved Peter, Paul, and Mary. One of them had their records and although I was young I remember their music and especially loved the hits like, "If I Had a Hammer," "Where Have All The Flowers Gone," "Lemon Tree," "Puff the Magic Dragon," "Leaving on a Jet Plane," and "Blowin in the Wind."

Those songs will always be classics and Mary Travers will certainly be missed.

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Howard said...

So sad. What a beautiful voice, and a great spirit. She will be missed.

Bruce Coltin said...

Mary was probably the first real diva for my generation. We knew all of the songs on that album by heart -- not that we tried to learn the words -- that music was everywhere, like a soundtrack for the lives we were living.

Blonde Goddess said...

She did have an incredible voice. I remember listening to "Puff the Magic Dragon" over and over again as a kid.

kenju said...

I loved their music and she will indeed be missed.

Mary Ellen said...

I saw that in the paper this morning and it made me so sad. I miss that era of music...simple and to the point without all the swearing and threats of violence.

Oh..and thanks for the YouTube from Sister Act! You put a great big grin on my face this morning, much appreciated!

Hope you're feeling better...

Kyle said...

I'm definitely very sad about her death. Not only did she have a wonderful voice, but she had an amazing spirit and wondrous compassion.

John said...

@Howard, thanks for leaving a comment. It's been a sad year losing so many talented people, and now we add Mary Travers to that list.

@Bruce Coltin, You are so right! That made me remember that in Jr. High Chorus we sang "If I Had a Hammer." It must've been sung at most every school in the country!

@Blonde Goddess, We must be close in age, because I remember listening to that song too.

@kenju, thanks for adding your comment, always appreciated.

@Mary Ellen, I had a feeling you loved the music of Peter, Paul, and Mary. Thanks for reminding us of the good ole days. Hey, I think they called some of them "folk songs." I wonder what, if anything would be considered a folk song today?

Glad you liked seeing the Sister Act video again! That is "linked within" and automatic. I bet it matched "Mary." I never get tired of watching that video!

@Kyle, You summed it up wonderfully. That's what I like about comments! Thanks, your comments never go unnoticed and I really appreciate it!

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