Thursday, September 24, 2009

Michelle Phillips Slams Mackenzie

Southern Chaos: Michelle Phillips Slams Mackenzie

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I am sharing this, since it appears I am in the minority. I just don't believe Mackenzie Phillips. I think she would say anything to make a buck. Last night one of my facebook friends had a thread about this and I added that I didn't believe Mackenzie's salacious claims of a ten year consensual incest relationship with her Dad. I also said that I sure would like to know what Michelle Phillips thinks, and well, here you go!

~ John

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kenju said...

I don't know what to think. I know if it had happened to me (and it wouldn't have at that advanced an age) I'd be with a psychiatrist instead of in the public eye telling all.

Howard said...

Such an odd, odd thing. Mackenzie has not been the most reliable source of info, but to tell such a story that might not be true seems so very self-destructive. Just bizarre.

Mary Ellen said...

I'm not so quick to slam MacKenzie Phillips on this because Michelle's other daughter (I think through a different marriage) said she believed that what MacKensie said could have been true. Perhaps her dad hit on his step-daughter, too?

I've also heard that many women whose husband's have had sexual relations with their daughters, believe the husbands over their daughters. Why? Who knows...too much of a blog to their fantasy that they married a good guy?

Considering the amount of drugs and screwed up family life MacKenzie had, nothing would shock me.

John said...

@kenju, I know what you mean, it's not like Mackenzie was a child, when this allegedly occurred. And of course John Phillips isn't around to defend himself.

@Howard, you are so right in that she has not been the most reliable source of info. Is any drug addict a reliable source!

@MaryEllen, yes I heard that Chynna Phillips believed her. Both of her stepmother's do not believe her. Michelle Phillips never had anything nice to say to or about John Phillips after their divorce and would'nt even speak to him at their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame event. This would be the ultimate chance for her to lay it on thick, but she does not believe Mackenzie, and she does know her pretty well.

I read another blog that did not believe her and I left a comment saying I agreed. Well, I got called an idiot! I may be an idiot, whatever, but I learned a long time ago that you cannot believe a drug addict.

Mary Ellen said...

John- No one should call anyone an idiot when they leave a comment. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Sheesh...what's with bloggers these days? It seems that the art of communication is at an all time low.

I can see this both're right, she is a drug addict (or former drug addict, I don't keep track of her career), and it could be her memory of what happened isn't exactly on target. Either she is lying, believing what she thinks is true but may be different from reality, or she's telling the truth but unfortunately for all the wrong get people to buy her book.

Either way...I hope she's able to find some healing in her life. Everyone deserves a chance to heal, IMO.

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