Friday, September 25, 2009

Mass march under way in Pittsburgh at G-20

The Associated Press: Mass march under way in Pittsburgh at G-20

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More than 1,000 protesters are on the move in Pittsburgh for what has been billed as a peaceful protest against the Group of 20 summit. (AP)

It doesn't look very coordinated. It looks like there are several different groups and causes out marching today. ~ John

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themom said...

I know there is a good purpose for the G20...but it truly messed up Pittsburgh. Businesses were financially hit, since most in downtown had to close. I haven't heard of major damage from protestors (like in Seattle years ago), and the police force was physically worn out with the overtime. I'm curious if there is some reparations to the businesses and such when they host something like this.

John said...

@themom, I know what you mean. On Thursday even the CNN people got hit with tear gas and it showed most of the businesses covered in plywood as if a hurricane were coming. I'm sure the businesses won't get anything, not even an apology.

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