Sunday, September 20, 2009

St. Louis Gas Prices September 20, 2009

I filled up my gas tank in St. Louis this morning and saved .30 per gallon. Every time we go to St. Louis, I have it planned well in advance and have just enough gas to get there. Why? Gas is always .30 to .50 per gallon cheaper than in Illinois. Gas in and around my town was $2.47 per gallon and up. I wonder how much you must pay for gas where you live?

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Larry Ohio said...

$2.49 here in Dayton, OH.
My friend in London told me a couple days ago that gas there costs US$7.59 per gallon!!

John said...

@Larry Ohio, thanks for the comment. I always wonder how much gas is in other areas. I've heard that gas is in the $7-8 range in in Europe, so I guess in comparison we have reasonable gas prices here.

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