Monday, October 5, 2009

Decorating for Fall

I mentioned in a previous post that Fall was one of my favorite seasons, and I had began decorating my home for the season. Well let me correct that and say that Fall is my favorite season. I love the many shades of Fall colors. I have a lot of fond childhood memories that took place in the Fall, like raking a big pile a leaves and my brothers and cousins and I jumping in them LOL!

Most of my childhood was spent in rural southern Illinois along the Ohio River. When the leaves start to turn colors it is absolutely beautiful down there in and around the Shawnee National Forest, where I lived. The area is a nature lover's delight, full of forests, hills, hollows, bluffs, spectacular rock formations, and so much more. It is unlike any other part of Illinois. Most of the rest of the state is very flat and very much a big prairie. During the Autumn months it is truly breathtaking in southern Illinois. If you ever get the chance to visit southern Illinois, please do. I highly recommend it, especially in the Fall. If you didn't see the previous post of my own photo taken at the Garden of the Gods in the Shawnee National Forest, then please take a look. You won't believe your eyes!

I'm sure there are many other reasons why I enjoy Fall so much. These are just the first things that come to mind. And now without further ado, here are some photos of my home decked out for Autumn. I still have some ceramic pumpkins and Fall dishes to put out, so I will have to post those photos later.

When I bought this rake, it was very plain with just a few leaves at the top. I added the berry garland and then attached a Fall swag in the center. You can get a closer look by pressing Ctrl + two or three times. The rake is about 48" long, so I don't have it on my door. It's actually hanging in my kitchen next to the door and nicely covers an unused wall phone outlet and a light switch that is still accessible, but not as noticeable. That part of my kitchen is knotty pine, so Fall colors don't photograph well against that background. So I moved the rake to the dining room just for this photo.

This cute scarecrow head hangs on the kitchen door and has bells dangling, which you can hear each time the door is opened and closed.

Here's my fireplace mantel, which I almost didn't post. I didn't realize my lamp cord and rear speaker was showing. It also looks like a big blob of Fall colors in the middle in the picture. Believe me, it's all perfectly balanced viewing it head on. Unfortunately my framed art doesn't photograph well head on due to reflections from the windows on two other walls. That's my grandchildren in the frames. I have many framed photos of relatives, but these are the only two in my living room.

Here's those very tall candlesticks at night. See what I mean about light reflections in the framed art. I know it looks like a fire hazard! Don't worry, I really only lit them for the photo. I'm like the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz--I'm afraid of fire! We were without power one night during an ice storm, and I had enough candles to light the room very nicely! I am very careful with them though.

I have an antique dry sink in the kitchen that I change each season too, and also some window boxes. When I get those changed over to Fall, I will post those photos too. Hope you enjoyed something here.

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Michael Rivers said...

Fall is a beautiful time of year. I love the photos. You decor looks great!

Kwizgiver said...

What great photos. Fall is gorgeous here in northern New England, too.

Ellie Great said...

Wow very nice, I like the photos.

John said...

@Michael Rivers, Nice to hear you like Fall too, and my photos and decor! Thank you.

Kwizgiver, I'm glad you like the photos. Yes, Fall is gorgeous especially in northern New England! I have a cousin in Concord, NH and she has some beautiful Fall photos. I've always heard that the most beautiful Fall foilage is in northern New England (and I believe it).

@Ellie Great, Thank you! I'm glad you like the photos.

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