Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mini Pumpkin and Gourd Gift Basket

When I did my last post on the final pumpkin and gourd harvest, a commenter asked what was I going to do with all those pumpkins and gourds. Here's one thing I did. A bowl or basket of them makes a nice Fall decoration.

I made this basket last night for a friend I met up with today. She loved it! The basket is a chicken wire egg gathering basket and I filled it with assorted gourds and mini pumpkins from the garden. I added in some artificial fall leaves and acorns and cat tails. My friends office is all done up in teal, purple, and black. I thought the teal and black with the Fall colors would be tacky, but I did add her color purple by spraying the wheat purple and then adding silver glitter spray to give the purple some sparkle. The bottom was also lined with purple tissue paper.

The filled basket is a unique centerpiece as is or the arrangement can also be taken apart and all the Fall goodies could be spread around. It's not themed for Halloween, so it can be enjoyed through Thanksgiving.

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Larry Ohio said...

I love the gourd basket, and I especially love the purple wheat.

Michael Rivers said...

Wonderful work!! Beautiful!!

lavonne said...

Very nice John, you done good. Lol

Jo said...

That's absolutely beautiful...! You're very creative.

Happy Hallowe'en... :-)

John said...

Larry, Michael, lavonne, Jo:

Thank you all for the nice compliments! Happy Halloween!

plainolebob said...

John, are these some of the ones you grew? No matter really, it looks great.

John said...

@plainolebob, YES, we grew every one of these mini-pumpkins and gourds! I did clean them with green plant leaf shine polish though! You just spray it on and wipe it off and it's mostly oils. When you spray it on green plants, you don't have to wipe it off. Cool, huh!

Kwizgiver said...

That's beautiful!

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