Tuesday, October 6, 2009

School Kicks Out Boy Who Dresses Like A Girl

Maybe all schools should have school uniforms, huh?
~ John

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Anonymous said...

I do approve of school uniforms. As I feel it prepares the kids better for the workplace, and better facilitates personal grooming.


Mary Ellen said...

That's absolutely insane! I'm glad he had friends to support him and the one made a very valid point, if a girl can dress like a man, why not the other way around?

I could understand the problem with the hats because I know a lot of schools ban hats because of the fear of "gang affiliation", but unless there is a gang of cross-dressers, that shouldn't be a problem. Right?

I'm not sure if a school uniform would work. He would probably still be ostracized if he wore a girl school uniform.

I'd rather see him in my class because he did look well groomed and clean, much nicer than some of the grungy guys who wear their pants almost to their knees with their butt cracks hanging out.

John said...

@Sweet-Britches, Thanks, I could'nt have said it better!

@Mary Ellen, that's true, why can a girl dress like a boy, but not the other way around. This particular boy seemed to be wearing a costume.

I never thought about if they had school uniforms that he would wear the girl's uniform! Doh!

I'm pretty sure that most school dress codes don't allow those baggy pants you describe. I'm just glad I'm not a kid in school these days.

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