Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rambling Thoughts

Blame it on facebook! Or blame it on the rain, blame Canada (just kidding--love Canadians)! I didn't realize I hadn't posted anything in five days. Sorry! It's true that I have spent a lot of time on facebook, I can't really place blame on any one thing for not making a blog post until now. As you probably guessed, I have been busy! Oh yeah, if you ever read my "about me" info and wondered what "sometimes rambling thoughts" were, well now you know!

We still haven't harvested all of our pumpkins yet, but have several piles in the weed filled pumpkin patch. Actually, Ron cut all those pumpkins free and never told me or asked for help. I was hoping we would've had a frost by now so that the weeds and vines would have withered enough to see where all the pumpkins are at! It has been chilly, but not cold enough for that.

Since Fall is one of my favorite seasons, I've also been decorating the house with some Fall decorations. But as I'm sure you know, you can't just decorate over dust, you must clean first (not one of my favorite chores)! I'm still not finished! I also have a lot of Halloween decorations and will put some of them out. I love my artificial jack-0-lanterns! They make such neat night lights! My grandkids loved them and I would add to the collection each year. I'm afraid putting out Halloween decorations will only make me sad, since my grandchildren live so far away. I miss them terribly!

What I need to do is get my ass in gear and have an adult Halloween party! I started writing about this and it led to three paragraphs, so I deleted it and saved for a future Halloween post! I will tell you about some of my most memorable Halloweens. In the meantime, you might want to start reminiscing and put something on your blog about Halloweens past and your plans this year--if you have any.

I have a gay wedding to attend this Saturday, so I've been stressing about that too. What do I wear? Rather, I wonder if I can get away with wearing dark jeans with my nice suit jacket and tie? I wonder if I have any dark jeans that aren't too tight! Should I buy a gift? If so, what? The guys already got married in Iowa, but are having a "celebration ceremony" at their local church here and there is no reception. I've asked three people if they thought we were supposed to bring gifts! Nobody really knows! The couple have been together for a long time already, so it's not like they need anything! Does anyone have any suggestions or opinions about this?

OMG, I've had so many "anniversary" dates since the end of August. And when I say "anniversary" dates I'm not talking about happy ones. Some are death dates, and others are other types of "loss" dates. I know that sounds weird, but let's just say there has been a great number of dates that were sad. On those dates, and sometimes for days before and afterwards I would just be in a funk; not really wanting to do anything. Pathetic, I know. There's just so many people I have lost one way or another in September that it has been a little over bearing.

I did have some happy days in September though, especially when Ron and I celebrated his birthday (which I blogged about).

We have had so much freakin' rain this month! On one day last week, we got 4.76" in one day. Now it is supposed to rain for three days straight. All that rain means lots of mosquitoes, gnats, and even soybean aphids. The three kinds of annoying insects at once are like killer insects and they will bite! The gnats even leave big red welts that hurt and itch for like two weeks. Oh great! Not! The only good thing good about this weather that is that I will get to wear my new jacket that I LOVE! YAY!

I am still at work (came in late), but I am finished with my billing and reports. I'm afraid with my unreliable Internet connection at home, that I may not be able to log on at home. I have taken quite a few new photos that I can't wait to share on the blog. Some are of the things I spoke about above and some are ... well you'll just have to wait and see!

Until then, how about some comments!? I covered a lot here, so maybe you have something to say about one of my rambling thoughts! Until next time...

~ John

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Larry Ohio said...

I've been missing you John.

Jeans to a wedding? You cad! You need to give that some more thought, otherwise I'll have to ask Ron to confiscate your gay card and put you on gay probation.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Grandkids? You're too young,

John said...

@Larry, you're so nice missing me!

Ok, I will think about the jeans, but I am not talking about regular ole blue jeans. I'm talking very very dark blue and, well (cough) expensive jeans too. I will of course wear my very shiny black Calvin Klein shoes.

I have dressed like this for conventions, meetings, community events. I have always been told I have a very good fashion sense! Oh, and if I do wear "dress" pants I will have to buy a new (cough cough) pair one waist size bigger! And I don't want to do that! And my town isn't exactly a shopper's paradise--I rarely buy clothes here! I go to St. Louis!

I'm glad you commented, Larry, because it gave me a lot to think about and made me look closely at the invitation. The top says they will be married in Timbucktu, (LOL) Iowa on July 1, etc in a private ceremony, etc. Say a prayer, do a blessing, etc. I got this the end of JUNE.

So then the bottom part says "Please save this date for our 'Wedding Celebration' at dadadada church on Sat. Oct 3rd. NOW I READ FURTHER ON DOWN AND THE LAST THING SAYS "INVITATION TO FOLLOW." The wedding celebration I guess sounds more like a party. (?) So I'm thinking the jeans would be ok.

What do you think the lesbians will be wearing LOL. No vow exchange, beats me. They said they were going to order flowers from us and they didn't! This thing is upon us now, good grief!

Uhm, at this point, I consider Ron and I uninvited! We never got the "invitation" and we don't even know a time. I won't write it but I'm cussing like a sailor LOL! Everything about this is awkward!

Thanks again, Larry! You saved the day. Otherwise I wouldn't even have looked at what I thought was an invitation!

@Dr.Monkey Von Monkerstein, I know I'm too young--I started young LOL and then my daughter started even younger. I am close to my oldest and she is 8 and also my middle grandchild and he is 7. They are so close in age, they are like twins. They live 12-13 hours away now and no big airport within a 2 hour drive! Those kids have a bedroom at my house. We were so close, but the long distance is killing me!

My youngest is now 6 and she has been adopted by my ex wife, which makes her biological Mom (my daughter) now my granddaughter's sister. (Confused yet?) So I don't get to actually play a grandparent role any more to her, as it would be too confusing for her right now--even though I bonded with her too. She calls me PaPa John (pizza place LOL). Things may be different, when she is older, but who really knows? I feel cheated, but what can you do? Life goes on. I try to stay in touch the best I can, but it's so hard living so far away.

lavonne said...

You had me cracking up in this post as it brought back memories of our house in the country and all of our little "friends" that made gardening intolerable and life outside a general hell at times LOL. I'm SO glad to have an apt. in the city now. Hopefully your pumpkins will survive and come out o.k. I hope you post some pics, I love pumpkins.
By the way, I think jeans (the right jeans) can go anywhere with the right accessories.

themom said...

I spend so much time on FB, I now take one day to catch up on all the blogs. If I get to my Google Reader it's much easier. REading your reply to Dr. Monkey was hilarious. That's one confusing situation.

John said...

@Lavonne, I'm glad somebody knows about the annoying insect problem after lots of rain! I can't stand to even go out (I run to my car LOL). Even with OFF spray, I still get bit! The pumpkins will be fine--just have to make time to gather them all up and wipe them down and wash some, etc. Also have gourds and a few watermelons!

Thanks for agreeing with me on the jeans. Anyway I don't care what people think, when I know I look good! HaHa! Hey, I have been told I do know how to dress and I shop in some fine stores too! Here's me: "I'll take everything on that manikin!"

@themom, OMG, I know what you mean about Facebook and catching up reading blogs--you described me to a T! Oh if you think that personal bit about my youngest granddaughter considering her biological Mom now to be her sister, just wait until I do my post about my stepMom, (whom I love very much) and how she is also my 2nd cousin! After my parents divorced, Dad married my Mom's childhood bff/cousin and they were also close up until their 30's. There's more to that story! I think I will call that post "Greeting Earthlings" in case you want to watch for it!

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