Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkins from our garden

Here's a couple of photos I took last week of some pumpkins we grew. There are a lot more, but I haven't had time to take some more pictures. Also all my gourd and mini-pumpkin pictures came out blurry, so I don't want to show those! Hopefully I will have some better pumpkin pictures soon.

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Jim said...

Hey John, pumpkins are cool ... nice photos from your garden.

The fall season is here and I'm sure you have seen some frost on those pumpkins.

BTW... speaking of fall, (and football) how 'bout those Bears?

John said...

@Jim, thanks! The pumpkins sure are orange! I didn't do anything to the photos either, except crop them.

Yeah, how 'bout those Bears. Yeah they beat the (cough) Lions, but with it tied up at halftime, I'd say they came out with an impressive big win. Hope their winning streak continues.

As for the Rams, I have many caps, shirts, even a jacket, but guess what--I'm too embarrassed to wear them AGAIN this year! I also have some Titans gear, but they are on a losing streak too...GRrrr! The next shirt or cap I buy will be the Bears :)

Michael Rivers said...

Great looking pumpkins. Perfect for carving! You must have a big garden!

Kyle said...

Green with envy John. They look beautiful and I would bet they taste just as good. Yum ! Yum!

John said...

@Michael Rivers, thanks for the pumpkin compliments. We sold half of these today...ugh, that means going back into the pumpkin patch! Yes the garden is big--so big that we can't control all the weeds. I kept waiting for a frost to kill the weeds and vines and voila! Then you can see where all the pumkins are! Now it's like a big Easter egg hunt LOL!

@Kyle, we planted five or six varieties and one is called "pumpkin pie" and those have some unique markings (almost like light green verigation), but most people will just carve them up and some people will make pumpkin pie or bread, etc. out of any old kind of pumpkin...if they only knew one kind tastes better! I won't complicate things though and mention it, unless asked. Wish I could give you guys one!

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