Saturday, October 3, 2009

White Wedding

It's been a long cold day. One of my friends did attend the wedding reception last night, but she did not stay long. She said they did have some hors d'oeuvres, but didn't see anyone eating. There were no table decorations, except the candle lanterns provided by the reception hall. She said of course, with free beer there would be a crowd! I haven't heard about the "wedding celebration" at the church yet. The two grooms forgot to pick up their boutonnières, and some kid came rushing in at 2:00 to pick them up, so I guess the celebration got off to a late start.

I'm over it and wanted to lighten things up with a wedding video! You may have already seen this earlier in the year on Boing Boing. If not, it is fun to watch. Well, I also have always been a big fan of Billy Idol and a long time ago (80's) I was Billy Idol for Halloween! I got a spiky haircut just for the occasion. I didn't bleach my hair, but I did have white temporary color on it!

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plainolebob said...

They still got the bootenears, how funny, drink a beer, an forget them.

kenju said...

That all sounds like a very poor excuse for a wedding. You're better off not to have gone.

As to Billy Idol, I never saw the appeal.

John said...

@plainolebob, yeah, and the whole thing was funny (like a bad joke though). I guess they never heard of "represent!"

@kenju, you know,you are so right. They had a private ceremony July 1 in Iowa (where it's legal, but is not legal in Illinois), so I think they really didn't want to have anything locally, but felt a tad bit obligated. And so they just threw these unorganized events together at the last minute.

Billy Idol has a snarly smile like Elvis ;)

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