Friday, October 23, 2009

Only in Japan: The Burger King Windows 7 Whopper

Only in Japan: The Burger King Windows 7 Whopper |

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Who can open their mouth wide enough to bite into this?!
Not me!
~ John

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Jim said...

That is a HEART ATTACK on a bun!!!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...


kenju said...

YIKES! a heart attack waiting to happen.

Larry Ohio said...

Heart attack?? C'mon! It's flame broiled! That makes it perfectly healthy!

Mmmm, I used to love Whoppers. Haven't been there forever.

plainolebob said...

John, all I can say is "OH YEAH" theres the beef, bring it

Kyle said...

When I wasn't a vegetarian, when the dinosaurs roamed the Eath, BK Whoppers where a favorite of mine. This seems to take a good thing to a very bad end.

Anonymous said...

Watching that vid makes me want to puke!


libhom said...

ick, ick, ick

John said...

@Jim, I agree! And too filling!

@Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein, Ick is right!

@kenju, you got that right!

@Larry Ohio, uhhh, flame broiled but they should get more of he grease out--paper towel presses or something! I haven't been to any fast food in over two years! For years I ate at them for lunch everyday!

@plainolebob, LOL! I miss that "Where's the Beef lady!" I think she would roll over in her grave now if she saw this.

@Kyle, I know what you mean! I used to love their "chicken fries!" LOL For those of you who don't know, they were chopped and formed and breaded deep fried chicken shaped and served like french fries!

@Sweet-Britches, I knew you were going to say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@libhom, I agree ICK! Capital I c k!

Blogger said...

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