Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Illinois license fee set to triple

Illinois license fee set to triple - Springfield, IL - The State Journal-Register

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Gee, it was just last month that I posted about Illinois raising taxes on candy, shampoo, and liquor. Starting next week it will cost more to drive in Illinois. In addition to the cost of a driver's license going up.

The cost for Illinois' annual license plate registration sticker will jump from $79 to $99 starting January 1st. It is becoming very expensive to live in this state, and I won't be surprised when more and more people start moving out of Illinois.

~ John

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Larry Ohio said...

I like the shampoo tax. I think those dirty folks who wash their hair too much deserve to pay more taxes!

Allen said...

Shampoo tax? that is nuts.

Its scary to think what all is being taxed these days. It makes me wonder how much more "we the people" will take before we all snap.

Missed coming to see you! Thanks for posting on my blog!

Mary Ellen said...

Wow...I'm glad I renewed my license plate before the price went up. At least it gives me a one year reprieve.

That shampoo tax is ridiculous. It reminds me of the tax man from the Popeye Movie, only the 50cent "Up to no-good tax" should be on our politicians.

kenju said...

We pay sales tax on everything here in NC, including food (which I think is a sin!!) I think our license fees are about half that.

Maria said...

Welcome to California style taxes! Our taxes and the price of gas just keep going up and up.

John said...

@Larry Ohio, isn't a shampoo tax ridiculous! Only in Illinois.

@Allen, yes shampoo tax is nuts! Illinois continues to come up with new taxes and fees all the time. You'd think this state was rich--quite the opposite though.

@Mary Ellen, you lucked out getting to save about $30 on your least for another year anyway. The Popeye Movie LOL!

@kenju, We pay sales tax on everything except prescription drugs. Grocery tax is still only 1% here. Too many taxes!

@Maria, Illinois is quickly catching up with California in terms of taxes and state budget deficit! And if our governor has his way our state income tax will also double from 3% to 6%.

Jim said...

That's just the way things go these days John. It is a shame... I don't know if you remember when the Illinois Tollways were introduced but, they were SUPPOSED TO PAY FOR THEMSELVES AND THEN BE GONE!
The way things are today... we will soon be taxed by the mile when we are driving... look at the transponders we have available now for the tollways... you can be tracked while driving.
BTW... GO Cardinals... I hope they come back and beat the Dodgers!!!

John said...

@Jim, Yeah I remember about the tollways, like you say--hah! You my be right about being taxed per mile, an I think this will on the federal level; I heard about this idea a few times on various news outlets.

YES GO CARDINALS! They are so close, I hope they make it to the World Series! I am in the drawing to purchase tickets in the event they are in the World Series! For possible Busch Stadium World Series tickets, people can sign up for possible ticket purchase at until the 15th and drawing on the 16th. WISH ME LUCK! Well wish the Cardinals luck first!

plainolebob said...

What in the world is happening there, it still cost only 39.00 for tags here.
Of course we are the last in everything else too.

John said...

@plainolebob, things are just out of hand here. We have a temporary governor that has pushed through legalized video poker in bars, restaurants, and social clubs and now he's managed to slip this through. Of course, the legislature played a part but it was so easy for them--that way they can blame the governor. (Gov. Quinn was Lt. Gov. until Blagojevich was impeached, but Quinn has no chance of winning an election).

Oh and they use the excuse that these extra funds will go towards building and maintaining roads, bridges, etc. We've heard stuff like that before in this state (see Jim's comment)!

They also said the lottery would help fund schools--ha! Never happened.

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