Friday, January 23, 2009

6 Things You Don't Know About Me

The other day I got tagged with my first meme by one of my favorite bloggers "Nunly" over at Bad Habit to share the "6 Things You Don't Know About Me." It was strange that just the night before I was reading another one of my favorite blogs-- Monkey Mucker, who suggested his readers do the same meme.

The rules are simple. I'm going to share 6 things about me that you probably don't know. Then I'm supposed to tag 6 of my favorite blog buddies and ask them to do the same and link back to me.

As I mentioned, it is my first meme post and I had to give it a bit of thought. I don't want to embarrass myself or anyone else. Since I work in a fairly small conservative town, I must be careful about work. I won't state the obvious, and hopefully my 6 things will be something you wouldn't know, even if you had read my profile or the content from all my posts. So, here goes...

1. I'm just a kid at heart, not immature, just able to dream, able to imagine, able to play without a care. Here I am swinging on my grandchildren's swing set in my back yard last Fall. Like a child I can view things with wide eyes and wonder, and everything is just one big adventure to me.

2. I try to live a healthy lifestyle. I'm not a health nut, even though some people think I am. I have to watch what I eat and I must exercise. My constant struggle with elevated cholesterol and extremely high triglycerides demand that I avoid certain foods. That means my diet would be considered pretty bland and boring to most people. It was difficult at first, but now it's easy. I will do anything to avoid statin medicines, since I once had a bad reaction to vytorin. But once a week or when eating out I might treat myself and eat whatever I want.

3. I refer to some people using a nickname instead of their actual name. Usually I just do this, if I have forgotten their name or don't want to know their name. I think I picked up this habit from a certain friend. For example, a woman we used to see roaming the neighborhood always had a hat on, so she was "Hat Girl." "Red House John" was the guy that lived in the barn red color house down the street. "Cat Lady" lives with several dozen cats down the street. "Coke Bottle Glasses" is a friend of a friend, and she has very thick glasses. "Old Gold Miner" is an acquaintance that has a scraggly beard and needs a haircut. There's others, but you get the picture. It's all in good fun. The nicknames aren't meant to make fun of others.

4. I'm slowly losing my hair. It seems my forehead slowly gets bigger, and I have a small area near the crown that is sparse. Baldness runs in the family. My Dad was bald on top before he was 30. Two out of three of my brothers are bald on top. I don't let it bother me, as I know it's part of growing old. I do have a large cap collection though! And you'll never see me with a comb over!

5. I watch entirely too much tv. But, I am no couch potato. Maybe I should re-phrase that and say I spend too much time in front of the tv. Most of the time it's on for the noise factor. I am usually doing something else and have the tv tuned to CNN or MSNBC. Since I have tivo, I rarely watch anything live. I'd rather speed through boring parts of programs and all commercials.

I know from past experiences that I didn't watch tv hardly at all, when I lived in bigger cities. But I am in a rural area now, and I don't even live in the town. When you live in such a boring area, you are more likely to watch tv more, because there's not much to do.

6. I don't like to cook. I used to enjoy it, when I had more time and could eat anything I wanted. To avoid cooking I will eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables, almonds, and healthy snacks. I will cook, but I just don't enjoy it. Maybe it also has something to do with the end result--dirty dishes!

Ok, since I have not been actively blogging for very long and have only followed a few blogs so far; I won't call anyone out by tagging them. Instead I will do the same as Dr. Monkey, and ask that if you read this, consider yourself tagged. Link back to me, or use this post's comments section to let me know, when you have completed your meme. Hey, if I can do it, anyone can!

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Mary Ellen said...

Excellent! And it came complete with a picture of you, that's great! :-)

There are so many great cookbooks out there with healthy diets, vegetarian and other diets, you should take up cooking again. Cooking Light has a lot of great recipes. I know what you mean about doing the dishes afterward, though...I often base my recipes on how much of a mess it will make out of my kitchen.

I'm glad you did this meme. I love finding out all these factoids from the bloggers I visit.

I do want to make a suggestion, though, if you don't mind. I think you would look great in a Chicago White Sox cap. Heh heh. ;-)


John said...

Thanks for all the kind words! I had a White Sox cap for over ten years and I was showing a friend of mine all my caps a few years back and he liked it. So, I said "you can have it." Wouldn't you know it, they won the world series two years later and I'm without the White Sox cap! I will get another one, come Spring. Can't wait for baseball season. I'm so close to STL, I can't help but be a big Cardinals fan though!

Mary Ellen said...

John- Sheesh, wish I could take one of my extra white sox caps and stick it through my monitor to your monitor. I have a huge collection of them because I have season tickets and they're always handing out free hats. I usually just wear my favorite hat, though. The thing is so worn out, faded and frayed, but I can't give it up. I was wearing it at Game 2 of the World Series when Paul Konerko hit the grand slam....what a day, what a game! I have a pic of him just before he hit it, too.

I have a cousin who's a HUGE Cardinal's fan...and she's a real nun, not the faux nun variety like me.

Geez, I can't wait until baseball season starts. I wish I could afford to go to Arizona and watch a few spring training games. My husband and I keep saying we're going to do that someday and we never get around to it.


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