Sunday, January 25, 2009

Miss Indiana Wins Bizarre Miss America Pageant

Watch this short video (1:17 min.) of Miss Indiana Katie Stam being crowned Miss America 2009 in Las Vegas last night. For the finalists announcement, at first the top seven were on stage, but only four would receive awards. For the final three contestants, one would be crowned Miss America and the other two would be a tie for "Miss Humiliated America" and rushed off stage.

Besides receiving the crown and sash on stage Miss America also was presented with an arm bouquet of roses that was half her body size and weight. A couple of noticeable themes in this year's pageant were a majority of the women were named "Ashley," and most of the contestants were very short.

For the talent competition, 12 contestants were brought on stage, but only 10 allowed to perform. The other two got to sit there smiling as they were not selected. Sorry ladies, I guess your humiliation is supposed to raise ratings. Something must be working.. You were on TLC instead of CMT this year.

The 2009 Miss America Pageant felt a lot like American Idol. At-home viewers had the power to vote four contestants into the final 15. The winner was one of those four contestants.

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